How often at a ski resort do you look at the sky?

When you’re at Valle Nevado in Chile, it’s nearly impossible not to. The days often end in spectacular sunsets that spread bright streaks of color over the impressive peaks of the Andes. But when the stars come out, you’ll notice constellations you’ve never seen before.

In August, Chile is cool... both literally and figuratively. A long, thin nation bordered by a stunning coastline, it's also home to one of the Southern Hemisphere's most robust economies. That's readily apparent in Santiago, a city of six million people with a modern infrastructure that could easily make North Americans jealous. 

But up a winding road from the bustling city, the Andes burst up into rocky plateaus and huge, snowy valleys -- valles nevados -- forming a series of resorts that welcome skiers and boarders from all over the planet. We hosted trips to Valle Nevado — plus the neighboring resorts of El Colorado and La Parva — in 2010 and 2014, and we’re very exited to return. The whole experience -- like the country -- is really cool.
Friday August 24 to Sunday, September 2, 2021
Six -- Saturday through Thursday
Ski-in, ski-out — base of Valle Nevado resort
Recommended for all skill levels of skiers and snowboarders
Starting at $2999 USD per person | see what’s included >
We reserve the right to cancel, reschedule, or make changes in the trip itinerary as a result of weather or safety considerations or as otherwise deemed necessary or advisable. If your trip is cancelled or rescheduled due to weather, snow, or mountain conditions, or circumstances beyond our control, you will receive a partial credit toward a future trip. All trip credits may be applied to any trip in the SKI BUMS future. There is no expiration date.

SKI BUMS is not responsible for the cost of any additional expenses that you may incur as a result of trip rescheduling or cancellation (airline ticketing fees, etc.).

To use a credit for a future deposit or payment, please
contact us directly.
Through May 31, you may cancel your spot at any time and receive a full refund. After June 1, the following cancellation fees apply:

For cancellations received from June 1 - June 31, $1000 fee. After July 1st, 2018: no refund.

In order to obtain our bulk group discounts, we must agree to a very strict cancellation policy. It's the nature of group travel. Think of your SKI BUMS booking as you would an airline reservation; even we find someone to take your place,
the cancellation fees still apply.

If you buy travel insurance, you can still receive a refund for a cancelled SKI BUMS trip.

To cancel your SKI BUMS trip, click here >
Buy travel insurance. We cannot stress this enough.

A travel insurer can provide a refund even when SKI BUMS cannot. In the circumstance that you need to cancel your trip because of work or health reasons, you should purchase travel insurance within 30 days of your initial trip deposit.

Even if you purchase travel insurance after this date, some coverage is much better than no coverage at all. Our cancellation policy is strict, and after cancellation fees kick in, a travel insurer may be your only chance for a full refund.

There are many travel insurers, and policies are very affordable. We especially recommend, and suggest you add the sports package to cover skiing & snowboarding activity.
$2999 USD per person if you pay in full | double occupancy

$3199 USD per person if you pay with a deposit

-- additional options --

$1500 USD supplement for single occupancy 
$1000 deposit due at sign up, balance of $2199 due June 1st

Or, pay $2999 at signup and save $200 off the total price

To pay your balance online, click here >

These are the dates for those who sign up today. Pricing and payment dates may change for those who sign up at a later date, if space remains. Late payments are subject to a 5% late-payment fee. It is up to you to submit your payments on time. You may always pay early.
You may pay with any major credit card, cash or check.
Included: daily lift pass for Valle Nevado (plus complimentary one-day passes for both La Parva and El Colorado)

As a group, we’ll be skiing / snowboarding from Saturday to Thursday. If you’d like to also ski / ride on Friday (our check out day), you may opt out of our ground transfer return to Santiago.

if you have the Mountain Collective pass, you qualify for two free days here. Please contact us directly to discuss pricing and the best way to take advantage of your discount.
Shortly before we travel, all participants will submit a Travel Portfolio, where we'll collect your flight information, dietary restrictions, roommate requests, emergency contact info, skill level, and other pertinent details. We'll email everyone and post the link here when it's time to submit it.
SKI BUMS designs our season for all levels of skiers and snowboarders, but we make specific recommendations for each trip. On ALL SKI BUMS trips, we begin by dividing into skill level groups so you can identify those who enjoy the same terrain that you do.

See how our groups work >

We recommend this trip for all levels of skiers and snowboarders.

The slopes of Valle Nevado, El Colorado and La Parva provide so much variety that you’ll have no trouble finding runs that exhilarate you, no matter what skill level you are.
DAYTRIP: Valparaíso, Viña del Mar, and Chilean Wine Country

On Saturday September 1, we’re inviting all participants on a daytrip to the seaside village of
Valparaiso, a colorful historic district that’s been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here’s what Lonely Planet has to say:

“The historic port of Valparaíso looks and feels like a city straight out of a child's imagination. Spilling haphazardly down coastal slopes in a tumble of bright colors, architectural fancy, funiculars, and a labyrinth of staircases and back alleys covered in street art…”

Our tour will also include visits to a well-known Chilean
vineyard and the town of Viña del Mar. This tour is not mandatory — feel free to make you own plans in Santiago if you prefer.

The cost of this tour is about $100 USD, and is not included with the trip price; we’ll contact all our participants with booking details. (For a example of what to expect,
click here.)


On Sunday, we invite you to explore Santiago. A city of six million, there’s a lot to choose from. The incredible street markets at
Los Dominicos offer a sensational selection of artisanal arts and crafts. The Costanera Center is Latin America’s tallest skyscraper, complete with a panoramic view and a multi-story shopping mall. The arts district, Bellavista, includes a creatively designed home of poet Pablo Neruda.


While in Chile, you may want to take the opportunity to visit Easter Island. Here’s a great hotel.

For more discussion about trip extensions -- and to see if others would like to join you -- join the discussion on our Chile 2018 Facebook group >

Air transportation is not included in the price of the trip.

Santiago, Chile (SCL) has an international airport with many direct flights. We will have participants who are flying in from multiple destinations, so we do not recommend any one particular flight or airline.

Our trip officially begins with a ground transfer shuttle pickup in the airport at 11 AM on Friday August 24.


To participate in our group activities and transportation, it's very important to plan your air travel with our itinerary in mind. 

ARRIVAL | Most participants on this trip will have very early arrivals from overnight flights from North America. Please schedule your flight to arrive before 9:45 AM local time on Friday August 24. Carriers from North America offer direct flights from Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, New York and Toronto. Note: some of these flights don’t operate on every day of the week, so consider multiple options when searching for flights.

If you'd like to arrive a day early, the airport's Holiday Inn is a perfectly nice place for an evening. 

DEPARTURE | Our group sightseeing itinerary will finish on Sunday, September 2nd. Many return flights to North America depart in the early evening hours, and hotels can store luggage if you’d like to check out of the hotel and spend the day sightseeing before flying to your next destination.

Note: Monday, September 3rd is Labor Day in the USA. For those who are returning to the USA, you’re likely to have an extra day to recuperate before returning to work. Bonus!

- - - - - - - - -

Connect with the other Chile BUMS on Facebook if you'd like to coordinate travel with others.

Our trip includes shuttle transfers between Santiago and Hotel Valle Nevado.

Friday, August 24: Meet our transfer driver at 11 AM at the Santiago airport international arrivals area. | Friday, August 31: We’ll depart directly from Hotel Valle Nevado at 11 AM and bring all participants to the Hotel Solace in Santiago. (see Lodging, above)

Please note: our departure may be delayed due to snow storms or road conditions. The ride from SCL to Valle Nevado takes about an hour, and ascends 8,000 feet through a series of switchbacks and turns. If you’re prone to motion sickness, please take precautions. See our video of the ride >

If your flight is significantly delayed — or these times don’t work for you — you’ll need to make your own arrangements and pay for the transfer directly. We recommend that you
contact SunTransfers or ask the Hotel Valle Nevado to assist you.
Valle Nevado is full of superlatives; with more than 7,000 skiable acres, it’s the largest ski resort area in the Southern Hemisphere. The entire resort sits above the tree line — there are literally no trees here — and therefore, it’s tricky to capture the scale of the mountains in a photograph. It’s fun to ski and ride where you’re not hemmed in by corridors of pine trees; this is the kind of mountain where you can choose your own adventure.

Valle Nevado feels like a North American ski resort in many ways. In the lodge, you’ll find cool bars, a huge outdoor jacuzzi, a well-stocked rental facility, and on-site shops from Burton, North Face and all the world's most popular gear outfitters. Trail maps, signs and lifts are well-marked and operated just like a resort in the States. Signs are in Spanish, English and Portuguese, and you’ll bump into a lot of other North Americans on the mountain.

Adjoining the resort, El Colorado and La Parva cater a bit more to Chileans, and their fun terrain stretches the boundaries even further; they serve as training grounds for Northern Hemisphere ski teams. Complimentary one-day lift tickets for these resorts are included in our package. The BUMS loved all three resorts on our previous trips, and with a full week in the mountains, you’ll have more than enough time to explore it all.

Read our tips about SKI BUMS organizes our international trips >
SKI BUMS anticipates what you'll need to know, and when you'll need to know it. We email valuable pre-trip information to all our participants, in numbered Info Packs. You'll need to receive them and read them closely, so it's crucial that you've provided an email address to us that you check regularly. Gmail users: you need to take extra steps to see our emails.

Click here to view instructions >

The vast majority of our important trip info is located right here on this page.
Bookmark it!
Who's coming on the trip? Find out by joining our special SKI BUMS Chile 2018 Facebook Group. Whether you're simply curious about signing up or you're already on board, everyone's welcome to join this Facebook group. Feel free to invite friends, too -- it's a cool way to begin learning names of the skiers and boarders who you'll meet when we're in South America! if you decide not to join us, we'll remove you from the group before the trip begins.

In advance of the trip, the BUMS use this group to share travel plans and coordinate meet ups for ground transfers. During and after the trip, they share pics and messages with one another. You'll see posts like "who's on the 1 PM flight into SCL?” and "who's up for fresh tracks tomorrow?"

Request to join the Chile 2018 Facebook group >
Of course, weather is impossible to predict, but SKI BUMS plans our trips with an eye on weather history. The area’s snowiest month is August, and the snow storms generally continue into October. We selected this exact same week for our 2010 and 2014 trips; for each of them, we experienced beautiful powder days and bright sunny bluebird conditions. Because the top altitudes of these resorts are very high — up to 12,000 feet — the snow preservation is excellent on the valleys and pistes, and there’s plenty to be had. To enjoy the extensive off-piste terrain, we want a good snow year — the rocky hills and and cliffs of the side country need good coverage to be skiable. There’s so much on-piste skiing here that most guests stay on the marked trails.
We’ll meet our ground transfers at 11 AM in the international arrivals hall of the Santiago Airport. After loading up, we’ll travel into downtown Santiago for a lunch at its famous historic food hall, Mercado Central, then ascend to our lodging at Hotel Valle Nevado. We’ll pick up our ski / snowboard rentals and hydrate to adjust to the higher altitude.

If your flight arrives later than our shuttle departure,
click here to arrange a transfer.
For those who arrive later in the day, we’ll all gather to meet our fellow Chile SKI BUMS in the lobby lounge bar of the Hotel Valle Nevado at 7 PM. After an hour or so to enjoy a good pisco sour or a great chilean wine, we’ll relax for our first dinner together in Chile.
This trip has a minimum of 10 participants. If we fail to meet our minimum number of registered participants by 30 days before the trip, the trip may be cancelled. In that event, those who have signed up for the trip will receive a full refund.
+ All meals at Valle Nevado — daily breakfasts, lunches and dinners
+ Lift passes for each day at Valle Nevado (including days at Colorado and La Parva)
+ Seven night stay in Valle Nevado at the 4-star Hotel Valle Nevado
+ Arrival day and departure day ground transfers between Santiago and Valle Nevado
+ Welcome reception and final night party

+ A daily itinerary of guided activities, terrain recommendations and and hosted events
+ Up-to-the-minute trip updates, delivered to your mobile phone
+ Trip organization, guidance and assistance from SKI BUMS trip leaders

+ Air transportation
+ Accommodations & meals in Santiago (
see our recommendation)
+ Ski and snowboard equipment rental
+ Daytrip tour of Valparaíso, Viña del Mar & chilean vineyard (budget about $100 USD)
+ Subway / taxi rides in Santiago
+ Alcoholic drinks

+ Travel insurance (very highly recommended)

+ Friday, August 24: Arrive in Santiago, transfer and check-in at Valle Nevado

+ Saturday, August 25 through Thursday August 30: Ski & ride

+ Friday, August 31: Check-out, then transfer to Santiago

+ Saturday, September 1: Enjoy a daytrip to the costal city of Valparaíso

+ Sunday, September 2: Explore Santiago before departing for home (or your next destination)

Our trip leaders design an itinerary that highlights the best spots at Valle Nevado to make sure you don't miss out on any of the fun, with regular announcements you can receive on your cell phone.

The on-mountain adventure begins bright and early on Saturday. We divide into skill level groups that help you identify the other skiers and snowboarders who enjoy the same terrain that you do, and then we divide and conquer the mountain! Learn about our skill level groups. >

Because the terrain at Valle Nevado is expansive, the trip leaders generally name a common spot for lunch so you can be sure to see one another throughout the day. In general, you'll spend most of the day in a smallish group of four or five skiers or boarders -- but that's up to you. The BUMS are a social crowd, so it's always easy to find others to join in the fun.

You and your group will set your own pace, and it's common to mix it up with a few different groups throughout the week. As the week progresses, you can explore more terrain or spend a day at the spa. This is your vacation, so you're always free to break away and do your own thing.

We meet as a group for lunches and après-ski, which often includes delicious Chilean wine or a traditional pisco sour. The giant jacuzzi is an inviting spot to unwind, as crimson-colored sunsets and a periwinkle twilight sky slowly reveal a dark canvas of spectacular stargazing. Each evening, we'll dine together within the on-site restaurants — all our meals are included in the trip price.

Prepare to bond; by the end of the trip, it'll be hard to believe that we've only spent ten days together!

Learn more about how SKI BUMS trips work >
You must have a cell phone that will work while we are in Chile. It will need to be able to receive domestic SMS text messages, even when you are not on Wi-Fi.

Trip leaders send up-to-the-minute text message alerts with itinerary information, transportation pickup times, lunch locations, weather advisories, and more. Additionally, the other trip participants text one another to coordinate their plans on the mountain. We advise against renting a SIM card for use while in-country; this usually creates more problems than it solves. We recommend that you budget for an international plan that includes voice, data and SMS messaging.

View our communications guide for important information >
On the mountain: you should arrive in-country with all your skiing & snowboarding apparel. SKI BUMS requires our trip participants to wear helmets while skiing & riding. See our helpful guide, How to Dress for the Mountain, for suggestions. Valle Nevado has several authorized gear & apparel shops, and a small convenience store with travel essentials, but prices will be elevated, so pack wisely.

Off the mountain: all our events are casual dress. As you can pretty easily see, the BUMS are a casual, laid-back crowd; we aren't flashy. Be yourself, and be comfortable -- just as you would on any skiing / snowboarding trip.

A few vital packing tips:

Pack your skiing and snowboarding apparel in your carry on bag. Delayed luggage can arrive three days late; you won't want to have to buy all new stuff to make it onto the mountain.
+ Be sure to pack
winter wear shoes with a good tread; expect snowy, icy streets.
+ Don't forget
sunscreen for the high-altitude UV exposure, moisturizer for the dry winter air, and a swimsuit for the jacuzzi.
+ Cold medications are a good idea; the sudden switch from summer to winter can be a bit jarring for the system, and historically about half of us catch a winter’s common cold by the week’s end.

Read our helpful tips on how to pack your gear for a skiing / snowboarding trip >
SKI BUMS detailed trip itineraries are designed to be viewed on any smart phone. Additionally, our trip leaders send up-to-the-minute alerts that you'll receive on your phone via SMS text messaging. It allows us to keep you in the loop and make smart adjustments based on the weather.

For this reason, you MUST have a cell phone that will work while we're in Chile.

: View our communications guide >
THE DEADLINE TO SIGN UP IS JULY 20. We limit the number of participants for all SKI BUMS trips.

Signing up is simple. You'll simply provide your information, then proceed to payment.

After we've received your signup & payment, you'll receive an
confirmation via email that you're registered for the trip.

GMAIL users: please be sure to check your Promotions Tab for our emails, and learn how to adjust Gmail's filters >
Our trip price includes daily breakfasts, lunches and dinners during our entire stay at Valle Nevado. In addition to the excellent breakfast in our hotel restaurant, we’ll be invited to dine each day and evening at the multiple restaurants throughout the Valle Nevado base area. The restaurants can accommodate vegetarians, those with allergies, or special diets. These meals are included in our stay; you’ll simply pay for drinks.

The food is tasty here, and covers a variety of cuisines from French to Italian to classic Chilean. Although the service can be a bit
relaxed for American tastes, the cooking is honestly quite good. You’re likely to discover some excellent Chilean wines here!

Learn more about the restaurants at Valle Nevado >
You do not need to name your roommate when you sign up — we’re happy to give you time to wait and see if other friends sign up, too. We assign the rooming shortly before the trip begins.

And, as always, we are happy to arrange roommates for you. Typically, half of our participants ask us to match them up with a roommate. In our pre-trip Travel Portfolio, we ask a few easy questions and accommodate your preferences.

If you prefer your own room, you may select a single occupancy. We collect the single occupancy supplement when you sign up (View "Pricing & Payment" below). Please note: there are only a few single occupancy slots available. Single occupancies tend to sell out very quickly.

You'll rest your head at the 4-star 
Hotel Valle Nevado, arguably the nicest ski resort hotel in South America. We’ve stayed here on each of our previous trips. Modern and comfortable, the rooms feature stunning views of a massive, rocky canyon that soaks up warm orange sunlight each morning. (You'll love the sunrises.) It's a well-designed, tranquil, spacious property with clean, tasteful touches, excellent beds, flat-screen TV's, complimentary WiFi and a friendly staff that's fluent in English. The ski-in, ski-out location can't be beat; the lifts are just outside our door. You'll quickly fall in love with the personal connections here. The friendly breakfast servers greet you each morning with a warm “buenos dias,” and the hotel's impeccable private ski valets will know you on a first-name basis. The giant jacuzzi is an inviting, social spot to relax your muscles as the sun sets into the Andes. You’ll see the same friendly faces there every afternoon.


For Friday through Sunday, we invite you to book a room at the Solace Hotel Santiago, one of the best new hotels in the city. Opened in 2016, this stylish and chic property is located in the heart of Providencia, just a short walk from the city’s excellent subway. It’s got swanky rooms, a fantastic breakfast, and a rooftop terrace bar that’s popular with both locals and guests.

Read the hotel’s rave reviews on TripAdvisor >

For our group sightseeing — including the daytrip to Valparaîso — we’ll be meeting in the lobby of the Solace hotel. You’re free to stay elsewhere if you prefer, but we are arranging a group block here and we’ll update all participants with booking instructions.

NOTE: to allow for maximum flexibility, the Santiago portion of our trip is not prepaid.

Public transportation isn’t needed while we’re at the resort; between the many hotels, restaurants and shops, you can get just about everything you need here. There are shuttles which can take you to the villages at the base of Colorado and La Parva, and if you’d like to visit the nearby village of Farellones, the hotel can arrange a taxi.

Santiago is a very modern city with a terrific subway system. Taxis and ride-shares are also easy to come by here.
Valle Nevado is the largest of these three ski areas, but lifts and cat tracks connect you to neighboring El Colorado and La Parva, which sit a lower altitude than Valle Nevado.

Click to view the maps:
Valle Nevado > | El Colorado > | La Parva >
If you'd like to take skiing or snowboarding lessons, we recommend waiting until we arrive in Chile to visit the ski school and book your instructors, so you can coordinate lessons with any other participants who might want to join you and split the costs. See the daily plan below.

In general, backcountry guiding is restricted here to those who have hired private guides. If you’d like to go into the backcountry, please
contact us ASAP and we’ll refer you directly to a very highly-trained backcountry guide who leads tours throughout this region. (naturally, space is limited)
Most of our participants will rent skis or snowboards; we’ll stop a gear shop on the way up the mountain and return our gear a week later. Advance reservations aren’t needed. You should budget about $50 USD per day for premium gear packages, $40 a day for standard gear.
The elevation at the base lodge of Valle Nevado — including our hotel — is significantly higher than most ski resorts in the world, at about 10,000 feet. To help avoid potential symptoms from Acute Mountain Sickness, we encourage you to speak to a doctor about starting a course of acetazolamide before travel; other recent studies have shown that taking ibuprofen for several days before travel can also reduce symptoms. Learn more here >
Want to see the SKI BUMS around the world who love the mountains as much as you do? When you post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, use the hashtag #skibums!
We've got lots of inside advice for those who are taking their first SKI BUMS trip. Click here >
IMPORTANT NOTE: we do not permit skiers and snowboarders to arrange their own lodging and join our events without setting up a Custom Trip and pre-paying for our guided events and group meals. Custom Trip spaces are very limited. Contact us here to set up a Custom Trip >