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If you're considering canceling your spot on a SKI BUMS trip, please review the cancellation policy for your specific trip. To locate the cancellation policy:

1 | Visit the Trips overview page
2 | Select the particular trip for which you've signed up
3 | Click the green Payments button to view the cancellation policy

Have you purchased travel insurance?

SKI BUMS highly recommends travel insurance. It can provide a full refund, even when SKI BUMS cannot. If you have not purchased travel insurance on this trip, you may want to do before submitting your cancellation. We especially recommend Travel Insured, which has provided excellent service to many SKI BUMS participants.

Get a travel insurance quote >

Additional important information on our cancellation policies:
Trip spots are not exchangeable. Unless explicitly specified, you may not replace your spot on one particular trip for a spot on another trip, even if the trip has the same price. The cancellation fee applies for your cancellation, regardless of whether or not you plan to sign up for a different trip in its place.

Your cancellation fee is not waived if we find someone to take your space. Regardless of whether or not SKI BUMS is able to replace you via our Wait List system, the same cancellation fee applies.

Please allow ten days to receive your refund. Please note that if you select to receive a refund via PayPal, you must personally visit and manually re-add the refund to your credit card.

Do not file a chargeback claim with your credit card if you are owed a refund. This is a violation of our membership bylaws, and will delay the receipt of your refund during special legal protections that take 90 days to complete. Filing a chargeback may inhibit your use of credit cards for future SKI BUMS transactions.

You may keep your refund as credit toward a future SKI BUMS trip. If you choose this option, there is no expiration date for your credit. You may use it in whole (or in part) on any future SKI BUMS payment.
Click here to officially cancel your spot on a SKI BUMS trip. Even if you have contacted us to communicate your plans to cancel, you are not officially cancelled until you have submitted this form.

You'll receive a confirmation by email.