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"I hadn't skied since I was a teenager.  I was encouraged to take a lesson my first day on the trip, and it made all the difference in the world.  I found that I picked up right where I left off, and that same day I was skiing with new friends at the same skill level.  Another friend had never skied before, and he also found similarly-experienced folks with whom to ski. LGBT life in this town is very focused on bars and clubs, and these places aren't necessarily the best ones at which to meet good people.  What's different and unique about SKI BUMS is that everyone in this organization joined to meet other people, and it's just what you hope a new group of people will be like - engaging, exciting, funny, warm, friendly, encouraging and WELCOMING. It's made me realize that I waited too long to do something so positive and good for myself."

- Kevin, midwestern bon vivant in NYC

"I moved to NYC in 2005, then spent three years of mostly meeting guys online, which left me with flaky friends and a dented self-image. One night at
Avalanche blew me away - people actually wanted to TALK which was really refreshing. I hadn't been skiing in a few years but I always liked it. Now I LOVE it, but what I love even more are the phenomenal people I have met. I ended the SKI BUMS season with four great friends, I mean REALLY great friends, and then we just hung out all summer long. It's totally changed my entire experience of living here."

- Derek, twentysomething guy from NJ

"The camaraderie I found and shared with the other guys I had just met on the trip brought me back to a simpler time in my life -- a return to the innocence of college for the four days I was there.  I'm still suffering withdrawal from Killington a full 24 hours after getting back. I knew that SKI BUMS runs a tight ship and took great comfort in knowing everything would be perfect and top notch. All of it was amazing."

 - Steve, 39, new to New York City and new to skiing
Friendly faces
"I grew up skiing in Vermont, and my friends go up there pretty often in the winter. Everyone hears that the skiing is even better out west, and I thought, 'why do I go to the same three places every year?' So a few years ago I tried to get my friends together for a trip. First I had to get us to agree on a weekend. That was hard enough.... then on which ski resort. Then on which condo we were renting, who was in which bedroom, who's boyfriend was coming vs. not coming, who was arriving late vs. going home early, who was renting cars, how much everyone was paying... it got insane. I said 'never again.' Last year, I sent one email. 'Park City with SKI BUMS. Sign up online.' It was SOOOOO easy. Impeccable time from start-to-finish, great hotel and perfect restaurants, and spectacular, beautiful skiing -- and we didn't have to worry about any of the logistics. We just relaxed and had fun. Now I have a list of resorts out west where I want to go, and I can't wait to go with SKI BUMS."

- William, 32 year old city boy and mountain man

"As one who has spent a few careers organizing large groups of people, my hat is off to Chris French for his impeccable planning and social skills. At times, SKI BUMS seems organized to within an inch of its life -- but it also offers opportunities to spend more quiet time when needed, then jump back into the fray as the occasion warrants. On our trip to Killington, my condo-mates were the coolest, most fun guys I've met in a long time."

- Jody, writer and administrator at a leading non-profit in Manhattan
"After a few of our best friends had moved out of town, my girlfriend and I got tired of spending our weekends at home in front of the TV. We decided to take up snowboarding, and next thing we knew, we were meeting new people, and getting out of the city. We forgot how much we love being active, and après ski with other gays & lesbians is such a fun way to end the day, which continues on the bus rides home. The daytrips are fun and affordable. SKI BUMS has turned winter into something we look forward to!"

- Beth and Marian in Park Slope, Brooklyn

"I'm newly out... and as I am pretty new to the whole "gay thing", I was nervous about finding people who I could relate to and didn't know what to expect.  But every BUM I met was cool and I found I could just be myself around them.  It's just a bunch of fun folks into skiing who happen to be gay. A relaxed and interesting crowd. The SKI BUMS fearsome army of organizers thinks through every detail and makes sure it's a fun experience for all, and they take the time to help you find people to talk to if you're new and don't know that many people."

 - Jeff in Connecticut

"SKI BUMS is a great way to spend quality time with other gay men and women, who have a common pursuit of adventure, culture, diversity, quality friendships, and making a difference in the world we live and play in. Best reasons to join are the social aspects, the full service and the ability to ski throughout the world without stress. I will cherish the memories and times together. There are so many positive things to say, it's hard to sum it up."

- Brendan, global information technology professional
"I had no idea that after being on a snowboard only two times prior to the trip, I would travel to South America with total strangers -- and earn bragging rights! What I enjoy about SKI BUMS is the freedom to be who and what you want to be in an encouraging, supportive environment. I have recommended SKI BUMS to others because I feel that it is a great way to accomplish whatever you want to accomplish on the slopes.  My main goal was to learn how to snowboard and make friends.  It's the middle of summer and I still have my SKI BUMS tag on my backpack!!"

- Alvin, 37 year old snowboarding newbie, Manhattan

"Everyone I met was fantastic. The group activities were just right and the atmosphere was low key, friendly, and inviting. I had an incredible time doing some fabulous skiing with a remarkably fun bunch of men and women. SKI BUMS is a great way to enjoy skiing because everything is supremely well-organized and everyone has the right fun attitude."

- Andrew, 42 year-old entrepreneur and intermediate level skier, Manhattan
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