NEWS: Bunny Hill postponed to Sunday, January 21st.

Due to warm weather, the lack of snow, and the forecast for rain this weekend, SKI BUMS has postponed our
favorite daytrip of the year, BUNNY HILL, to Sunday, January 21st.

If you have signed up for this trip, you may cancel your
without penalty, and receive a full refund, if you notify
SKI BUMS of your cancellation
by midnight on Thursday,
January 11th.
After this date, any cancellations will be subject
to our regular
cancellation policy.

We do realize that this new date may be inconvenient for some of you, especially if you were planning to ski or
board for the first time (or r
efresh your memory) at Bunny Hill, then join us for successive daytrips. SKI BUMS
will work with our participants to help arrange beginner lessons at Belleayre and Windham, and make our trips  
fun and enjoyable for everyone. Trust us, you'll have a great time, no matter which daytrip you're on. :)


IF YOU ARE ON THE WAIT LIST FOR THIS TRIP, and the new date no longer works for you, we'd appreciate
knowing this. Please email us to cancel your spot on the wait list.

If the new date works for you, there's no need to contact SKI BUMS. We're glad you can still join us!


Copyright 2006, SKI BUMS.
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Maybe you've been telling yourself for years that you're
going to learn to ski or board. Maybe someone you know
has been trying to talk you into it. Perhaps you're a skier
who'd like to try boarding. Maybe you simply haven't been
skiing or boarding since you were a kid, and you're feeling a

Whatever the reason, there's no way to have more fun
doing it than with the SKI BUMS on our annual trip for
"newbies," which we call BUNNY HILL.

Come with us, and you'll have the chance to learn to ski or
board with a group of other new BUMS who are
just as
clueless as you are.
:) When you're all in the same boat, it
makes for a truly hilarious, laughter-filled day of fun like
none other! By the end of the day, you'll have new friends,
a new winter sport to enjoy, and an amazing sense of
accomplishment. Then, we party on the way home!
Upon our arrival, the SKI BUMS staff and volunteers will
guide you each step of the way through the process. After
you've gotten your equipment, we'll divide into groups,
then introduce your group to a qualified instructor who will
teach you how to ski or board! After meeting up with
everyone for lunch, you can spend the afternoon practicing
with your new friends, or, take another lesson to keep
working on your technique.

We'll finish the day with an apres-ski, toasting one another
on a job well done! Then, we'll board the bus, crack open
our 12-packs, pass around homemade goodies, and tell
stories about our adventures. Sound like fun? It is. It's the
kind of day you'll remember -- and laugh about --  for a
long time.
All skill levels are welcome on this trip! To make this day as
much fun as possible, we want newbies --
and fun folks to
help pass on pointers, cheer them on, and let them see
how much fun it is to ski and board! We all remember what
it was like to learn, and if you're a skier or boarder who's
got a friend who you'd like to introduce to the slopes, this is
perfect opportunity.

This is our 3rd annual BUNNY HILL, and every year, there's
a whole group of BUMS who start the season with their very
first day
ever on skis or a board -- then finish the season
having a
blast on the beginner and intermediate trails. If
you're ready to learn something new, want a great reason
to get out of the city, and would love to get to know an
incredible group of laid-back & friendly people, BUNNY HILL
is for you!
Learning to ski at BUNNY HILL 2006
Learning to ski at BUNNY HILL 2006
Learning to board at BUNNY HILL 2006
Update, December 10: This trip is now sold out.

In the event that a partipant cancels, any available spots on our bus will be offered to those our wait list. If you're
member, you may add your name to our wait list here.

If you'd like to learn to ski or board, we encourage you to sign up for
one of our other daytrips; you may book a
discounted lesson on any of them. And, because 25% of our members are beginner skiers and boarders, you're
guaranteed to have others who want to tackle the beginner runs right alongside you.

If you've got questions about learning to ski or snowboard, feel free to
email us!