"I've belonged to several GLBT outdoor organizations, but this is the only one I've come back to for the third
year in a row. The Ski Bums are so varied you're bound to find someone you want to hang out with.  Young and
old, new to the city and  life-long residents, different backgrounds and interests, all make for a guaranteed fun
time. Every trip I went on was thoughtfully and perfectly organized, from the on-time departure to the grouping
by skill level to the home-made goodies on the bus trip home.


Copyright 2006, SKI BUMS.
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"I joined SKI BUMS last year in December. I went on a day trip and long
weekend in Vermont. I had a great time and met several wonderful guys, all
of whom I hung out with during the summer. I can't wait to meet new people
this winter, see my old friends and have fun skiing!"

-- Adrian Benjamin,  attorney / film maker
"SKI BUMS somehow pulls together perfect trips, great parties, and best of all, a really awesome crowd. Skiers
and snowboarders alike, the friends I have made with SKI BUMS turn NYC winters into something I look forward
to every year!"

- Pierric, aka P, skier, Manhattan

"Ski Bums is the best club that I have ever been a member of. The planning and organization are superb. The
people are gregarious, fun and very talented. I've been very impressed."

- Renato

"If you're looking for a break from studying or work in general, this is great!  Tons of great people with EVERY
kind of interest and personality.  The trips are amazingly organized, down to exact time and place for lunch.  But
nothing beats the ride home. There are people from every level, both boarders and skiers.  If you are into slow
groomers or chasing cute boarders through the trees, they are all there."

- Robert, 26 year-old student
"My girlfriend and I are really looking forward to next year's season. Last year, we went to a few socials and
only one trip; the people are so wonderful we can't wait to return. Everyone has been very friendly and open to
meeting new people, which is important. SKI BUMS is not pretentious, and they're doing a great job to integrate
the men and the women together. I am over the whole 'gay men do this, gay women do this.' I like having a
few things in common and then the relationships grow from there. SKI BUMS is phenomenal on the
organizational side. The hosts are excellent and extremely enthusiastic. I had a good experience all around. I
feel like I got my membership dues and more back to me. I love the integration of men and women... there are
too many other things in NYC that divide us!"

- Devlin, 34, physical psychologist, and a returning ski bum
"I still can't get over what a great crowd SKI BUMS is.
Sincere. Friendly. Down-to-earth. Put together. Smart.
And... outdoorsy! I met more 'husband-material' on one
SKI BUMS trip than in ten years of barhopping. The
trips are fantastic, with great conversations on the chair
lifts and nighttime chats around a roaring fireplace, so
you really have the chance to get to know people...
much more than in a bar or club. There's something
really special about this group, I waited far too long to
meet people like this."

- Alex, 32 year old skier from the midwest

"My partner and I joined well into the season and were
unsure if we would make any new friends.  We were happy
to find that  everyone was very open and friendly on and
off the slopes!"

- David, financial advisor, sportbike enthusiast and
"I am born and raised in Brooklyn.  We didn't have skiing in Brooklyn.  I skied for the first time this past year
and had an AMAZING time!  SKI BUMS organized a thousand details and made it easy; and people were great!  
I made 4 VERY good friends (how often does that happen after college?) and looked forward to every trip.  
Think skiing in Jersey or Vermont is fun?  Try standing on a mountain that's 15,000 feet high and seeing a ridge
of mountains 100 miles away.  It's like being in an airplane without the airplane."

- Lou, "a bear grows in Chelsea"
"SKI BUMS is a great place to meet gay/lesbian folks who aren't into the 'scene' of NYC and want to really get to
know one another while skiing and boarding our asses off. I like how down to earth and friendly everyone is.  The
members really look out for one another. It's like a big extended family on the trips and on the slopes. The trips are
well organized.  The activities and events planned are pretty cool.  And not just the staff, but the whole group is
cool.  No one should feel like an 'ass' for not knowing how to board ('ride') or ski at an advanced level. We all had
to learn sometime in our lives! You'd be amazed at how friendly folks are in the group. There are plenty of
members around to help out, coach, cheer, etc."

- Samuel-Moses

"I was a little scared at first, but the SKI BUMS are nothing
but a genuine and trustworthy bunch. I've never laughed so
hard with a group of guys on a chair lift! This is an amazing
group with no attitude. I've made great friendships, which is
a wonderful thing."

- Matt, 30, avid skier and college football fanatic
I was surfing the web under Gay ski groups in New York and
come up on Ski Bums. The name caught me and I started to look
up the pictures they had posted and read about the trips. The trips
offer a lot of value in good ski areas. I've been on many group ski
trips and I was impressed on how organized the Ski Bums trips I
went on were. I was only on two trips but I keep seeing Ski Bums
around town when I'm out... and that's a lot of fun."

- Gregg, 44, Manhattan
"The 'BUMS' are genuniely nice, cool and down to earth... not the circuit party crowd.
 It is a group that shares a passion for skiing, having fun, getting away for trips be it
a day, weekend or week. There is also the social aspect that is great with the regular
social events. It's an awesome feeling walking into a bar and having 30-40 or more
people who know who you are. You feel very welcomed. The trips are extremely
organized! The staff and volunteers are friendly, caring, helpful and very nice.
Before joining, I hesitated because I didn't know anyone. I discovered that one can
make new friends easily and that the members are so friendly. Thanks to Ski Bums,
I  began skiing again, something I hadn't done in 13 years prior joining. Ski Bums
definitely has made being gay in NYC that much better!"

- Michael, 40-year young Art Director, Chelsea
I was a skier all my life, but decided to try snowboarding on the Bunny
Hill trip.  I was terrible, but so was everyone else and so we could laugh
and commiserate together!  My pride and determination forced me to
keep trying.  And now this season, I've leased a board instead of skis!"

- Andrew, IT Manager, 36
"Ski Bums has the nicest, most personable men and women I
have met in New York since I moved to the city seven years
ago. I have met wonderful people I now call friends."

- Raul

"I didn't know many people in the New York area who ski.  
Ski Bums Has restored my passion for skiing by providing a
great bunch of people to ski with.  This is one of the best
organized, fun, gay/lesbian groups I have ever joined!"

- Michael, working in Finance, living in Manhattan

"I have had a fantastic time with the Ski Bums for the past two
seasons.  What a great group of people!  The trips are a blast,
and I can't wait for the new season."

- Robert, snowboarder and lawyer, Jersey City
Snowbird, Utah - 2006
Zermatt, Switzerland -- 2006
Mountain Creek, NJ - 2006
Killington, VT -- 2006