Sun Valley, Idaho was America's first destination ski resort, and as soon as you visit it, you'll understand why. These hills seem like they were designed for skiing and snowboarding.

And yet, it's a resort that lies on many skiers’ and riders’ wish lists. Its location -- far from the shiny marketed glow of Colorado & Utah -- means that many winter enthusiasts have never booked that trip to Idaho. From our first moments here five years ago, the resort became an instant favorite. It’s effortlessly charming, with spectacular lodges, loyal staff who clearly love their jobs, and classy hotels that have warmly welcomed guests since the golden era of Hollywood. The gay-friendly vibe made us feel right at home. 

But it excited us with its terrain. These are deep blue blues, with endless variety for skiers and riders who enjoy the fun of a challenge. Sun Valley is devoted to the love of skiing and riding, and if you're looking for a new resort to love, it's time to stop wishing. Join us!

Space on this trip is very limited, and it is almost sold out.

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Wednesday, February 28 to Sunday, March 4, 2022
Three — Thursday, Friday & Saturday
Ketchum, Idaho — the town at the base of Sun Valley Resort
Recommended for intermediate, advanced and expert skiers and snowboarders
$1499 per person
We reserve the right to cancel, reschedule, or make changes in the trip itinerary as a result of weather or safety considerations or as otherwise deemed necessary or advisable. If your trip is cancelled due to weather, snow, or mountain conditions, or circumstances beyond our control, you will receive a credit toward a future trip. All trip credits may be applied to any future SKI BUMS trip.

SKI BUMS is not responsible for the cost of any additional expenses that you may incur as a result of trip rescheduling or cancellation (airline ticketing fees, etc.).

To use a credit for a future deposit or payment, please
contact us directly.
Through November 1, you may cancel your spot at any time and receive a full refund. After November 1, the following cancellation fees apply:

For cancellations received from November 2 - December 31, $799 fee. After January 1st, 2018: no refund.

In order to obtain our bulk group discounts, we must agree to a very strict cancellation policy. It's the nature of group travel. Think of your SKI BUMS booking as you would an airline reservation; even we find someone to take your place,
the cancellation fees still apply.

If you buy travel insurance, you can still receive a refund for a cancelled SKI BUMS trip.

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Buy travel insurance. We cannot stress this enough.

A travel insurer can provide a refund even when SKI BUMS cannot. In the circumstance that you need to cancel your trip because of work or health reasons, you should purchase travel insurance within 30 days of your initial trip deposit.

Even if you purchase travel insurance after this date, some coverage is much better than no coverage at all. Our cancellation policy is strict, and after cancellation fees kick in, a travel insurer may be your only chance for a full refund.

There are many travel insurers, and policies are very affordable. We especially recommend, and suggest you add the sports package to cover skiing & snowboarding activity.
$1499 USD per person — for double occupancy

-- additional options --

$500 USD supplement for single occupancy 
If you prefer to pay with a deposit, you’ll pay $799 at signup with a $700 balance payment due December 1st.

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These are the dates for those who sign up today. Pricing and payment dates may change for those who sign up at a later date, if space remains. Late payments are subject to a 5% late-payment fee. It is up to you to submit your payments on time. You may always pay early.
You may pay with any major credit card, cash or check.
Your trip includes a three day lift ticket for Sun Valley.

OPTIONAL: REMOVE LIFT TICKETS | If you are a member of the Mountain Collective, your pass is valid for two days here. If you are a pass holder — or if you / your travel partner do not ski or board — simply look for the checkbox on our signup form to indicate no lift ticket needed. We’ll remove the lift tickets from the package and deduct $250 from the package price.
About a month before we travel, all participants will submit a Travel Portfolio. We’ll collect your flight information, dietary restrictions, roommate requests, emergency contact info, skill level, and other pertinent details. We'll email everyone and post the link here when it's time to submit it.
SKI BUMS designs our season for all levels of skiers and snowboarders, but we make specific recommendations for each trip. On ALL SKI BUMS trips, we begin by dividing into skill level groups so you can identify those who enjoy the same terrain that you do. See how our groups work >

SKI BUMS recommends this trip for intermediate through expert skiers and snowboarders.

Beginners: you're welcome to sign up for this trip, but there are a few important things to know. The majority of the beginner terrain at Sun Valley is separated from the main ski areas, at an area called Dollar Mountain (view the map >). In truth, it's a great area for beginner skiers and riders, but we expect very few beginners -- if any -- to sign up. To avoid feeling isolated from the rest of the group, we strongly recommend that you bring a friend or two who are at your same level. Post a message on our Facebook Group to connect with other beginners who are thinking of signing up >

Intermediate: On our last trip, our intermediate skiers and riders all agreed: these blues are deep blue. They'd easily pass for a black diamond run at many East Coast resorts. There's no doubt: these runs are fun. They've got twisty turns, ups and downs and the occasional steep patch that can exhilarate and challenge you, and make you want to do them over and over again. If you're an intermediate skier or rider who's been repeating trips to the Colorado and Utah resorts, you'll be kicking yourself that you haven't come here sooner. This is a fun expanse of terrain that rewards exploration. 

Advanced and Expert: The black diamond runs in Sun Valley are classic and cool; the top elevation here is just 9,150 feet, which means you can run laps without getting winded. Although there aren't a lot of super steep pitches like what you'd find at a resort like Jackson Hole, the drop-ins from Bald Mountain are sure to inspire you, and the Warm Springs run offers a 3,100 feet vertical drop into leg-burn heaven. Advanced skiers and riders adore Sun Valley. You'll feel like a rock star here, and you just might see one.
As for additional nights and accommodations, SKI BUMS trip leaders are happy to offer advice, but we cannot book additional nights for you, and we will not be on hand to offer travel assistance beyond the official dates of our itinerary. If you would like to stay extra days at the Limelight Hotel, contact the hotel directly and make a new reservation for however many days you would like. We will request for you to remain in the same room during the group stay.

For more discussion about trip extensions -- and to see if others would like to join you -- join the discussion on our Facebook group >
Air transportation is not included. Read these recommendations closely before buying airfare. 

Sun Valley (SUN) is the airport we recommend for this trip. There's a robust schedule of arriving flights on Delta, United and Alaska Airlines. We strongly recommend flying directly to / from Sun Valley. If you’d rather drive from Boise, plan accordingly: the drive takes 3+ hours, and road conditions in winter weather can be extra tough. But in good weather, the views are lovely.

See Sun Valley’s tips: “How to Get to Sun Valley” >


You'll want to be smart about buying your airfare, keeping our itinerary and potential winter weather delays in mind. We recommend waiting until autumn to purchase your flight; more flights are typically added in the late fall months. View the flight schedule to / from Sun Valley >

RECOMMENDATIONS | ARRIVAL: to make sure you don't miss our meet & greet at 8 PM, please plan to arrive in Sun Valley by 5 PM. It's about a 30 minute ride from the airport to the resort. Ideally, you'll want to give yourself some time to explore the village, rest, pick up rentals, etc. before our 8 PM gathering. | DEPARTURE: Sunday is a travel day; book your flight at whatever time seems best for you.

Want to connect with other participants from your area before booking your airfare? We invite you to connect with the other BUMS on Facebook.
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Connect with the other BUMS on Facebook if you'd like to coordinate travel with others.
Transfers between the Friedman Memorial Airport and our hotel in Ketchum are not included for participants. About a month before the trip, we will collect flight information from all participants and help arrange your ground transfers to offer group discounts. Budget about $40 each way.
Sun Valley's appearance is a bit deceptive; its iconic front facade obscures the broader, steeper peaks that lie behind it. The resort's a lot bigger than you think it's going to be, and it's more challenging that may think it's going to be. Read the fascinating history of why it became America's first ski resort; the hills are just about perfect for a fun-loving day on the mountain. 

The skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts agree; Sun Valley was recently ranked #1 in Ski Magazine's “Overall Satisfaction” rankings of the top Western ski resorts. It wins especially high marks for its grooming, its delicious on-mountain food and its absolutely stunning lodges. (If you've visited its sister resort, Snowbasin in Utah, you know what we're talking about.) This Ski Magazine quote puts it well: “No lines, incredible grooming and amazing scenery, not to mention gold-plated commodes and granite countertops in all the ski lodges. Sun Valley is a five-star experience.”

The terrain at Sun Valley is more challenging than that of many other resorts; be sure to carefully read our "Skill Level" recommendations below. 

Learn about how SKI BUMS trips work >
SKI BUMS anticipates what you'll need to know, and when you'll need to know it. We email valuable pre-trip information to all our participants, in numbered Info Packs. You'll need to receive them and read them closely, so it's crucial that you've provided an email address to us that you check regularly. Gmail users: you need to take extra steps to see our emails.

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The vast majority of our important trip info is located right here on this page.
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Who's coming on the trip? Find out by joining our special SKI BUMS Sun Valley Facebook group. Whether you're simply curious about signing up or you're already on board, everyone's welcome to join this Facebook group. Feel free to invite friends, too -- it's a cool way to begin learning names of the skiers and boarders who you'll meet when we're in Idaho! if you decide not to join us, we'll remove you from the group before the trip begins.

In advance of the trip, the BUMS use this group to share travel plans and coordinate meet ups for ground transfers. During and after the trip, they share pics and messages with one another. You'll see posts like "who's on the 1 PM flight into Sun Valley?” and "who's up for fresh tracks tomorrow?"

Request to join the Sun Valley Facebook group >
One should be smart about planning a trip to Sun Valley; historically, its season is shorter than many resorts in other Western states. We've plunked our trip right into the middle of peak season, where February's weather patterns historically deliver the kind of dry, skiable snow that blankets the undulating hills of the Idaho Rockies. In short, late February is the most ideal time to visit this beautiful resort.
Our rooms at the Limelight are guaranteed after 4 PM on Wednesday February 28. Upon arrival, you'll visit the Front Desk and check in under your name, just as you would at any hotel. If you arrive early, the hotel can store luggage until your room is available.

After checking in, you'll want to explore the town, get acquainted and pick up any rental ski / snowboard equipment. If you want to find the other BUMS, try the bar. Or
the nearby day spa!
Our trip officially begins with a meet & greet welcome reception in the bar of the Limelight at 8 PM. You won't want to miss this; you'll get your lift tickets, information about the trip and meet your fellow Sun Valley BUMS!
This trip has a minimum of 20 participants and a maximum of 45 participants. If we fail to meet our minimum number of registered participants by 60 days before the trip, the trip may be cancelled. In that event, those who have signed up for the trip will receive a full refund.
+ 3-out-of-4 day adult lift ticket for Sun Valley Ski Resort 
+ Four night stay at the Limelight Hotel in Ketchum
+ Welcome reception / meet & greet
+ Delicious on-mountain lunch at Sun Valley’s historic Roundhouse
+ A multi-course gourmet dinner at the famous Trail Creek Cabin at Sun Valley
+ Daily hot breakfasts
+ Complimentary exclusive official trip tshirt
+ Complimentary admission to Zenergy day spa in Ketchum
+ A daily itinerary of guided activities, terrain recommendations and and hosted events
+ Up-to-the-minute trip updates, delivered to your mobile phone

+ Trip organization, guidance and assistance from SKI BUMS professional trip leaders
+ Air transportation
+ Ground transportation between the airport and our hotel
+ Ski and snowboard equipment rental
+ Most meals, alcoholic drinks

+ Travel insurance (very highly recommended)
+ Wednesday, February 28: Arrive in Sun Valley

+ Thursday to Saturday: Ski and ride at Sun Valley

+ Sunday March 4: Depart Sun Valley to travel home
Our trip leaders design an itinerary that highlights the best spots in Sun Valley to make sure you don't miss out on any of the fun. It's published in a printed handout and updated on a devoted Twitter feed, with up-to-the-minute announcements you can receive on your cell phone. 

The on-mountain adventure begins bright and early on Thursday. We divide into skill level groups that help you identify the other skiers and snowboarders who enjoy the same terrain that you do, and then we divide and conquer the mountain! Learn about our skill level groups. >

In general, you'll spend most of the day in a smallish group of four or five skiers or boarders -- but that's up to you. The BUMS are a social crowd, so it's always easy to find others to join in the fun. 

You and your group will set your own pace, and it's common to mix it up with a few different groups throughout the week. As the trip progresses, you can explore more terrain or spend time relaxing. This is your vacation, so you're always free to break away and do your own thing.

For two of our evenings, we'll dine together at some of the areas best restaurants, including Pioneer Saloon, a Sun Valley must, and the Trail Creek Cabin, a charming chalet that's accessible by sleigh ride. Friday night is free for you to enjoy as you like -- you may want to head out on the town with your new friends, or take a night to chill out at our hotel. 

The BUMS who take our trips to Sun Valley are here to ski and board, first and foremost -- and after a hard-charging day on the mountain, you'll sink into our plush hotel beds for a very good night's sleep!

Learn more about how SKI BUMS trips work >
You must have a cell phone that will work while we are in Idaho. It will need to be able to receive domestic SMS text messages, even when you are not on Wi-Fi.

Trip leaders send up-to-the-minute text message alerts with itinerary information, transportation pickup times, lunch locations, weather advisories, and more. Additionally, the other trip participants text one another to coordinate their plans on the mountain.

View our communications guide for important information >
On the mountain: you should arrive in Idaho with all your skiing & snowboarding apparel. SKI BUMS requires our trip participants to wear helmets while skiing & riding. See our helpful guide, How to Dress for the Mountain, for suggestions. Ketchum has many gear & apparel shops, but prices may be a bit elevated, so pack wisely.

Off the mountain: all our events are casual dress. As you can pretty easily see, the BUMS are a casual, laid-back crowd; we aren't flashy. Be yourself, and be comfortable -- just as you would on any skiing / snowboarding trip.

A few vital packing tips:

Pack your skiing and snowboarding apparel in your carry on bag. Delayed luggage can arrive three days late; you won't want to have to buy all new stuff to make it onto the mountain.
+ Be sure to pack
winter wear shoes with a good tread; expect snowy, icy streets.
+ Don't forget
sunscreen for the high-altitude UV exposure, and a swimsuit for the hot tub.

Read our helpful tips on how to pack your gear for a skiing / snowboarding trip >
SKI BUMS detailed trip itineraries are designed to be viewed on any smart phone. Additionally, our trip leaders send up-to-the-minute alerts that you'll receive on your phone via SMS text messaging. It allows us to keep you in the loop and make smart adjustments based on the weather.

View one of the daily itineraries from a recent trip >

: View our communications guide >
We limit the number of participants for all SKI BUMS trips. This trip will sell out. Sign up now to join us!

Signing up is simple. You'll simply provide your information, then proceed to payment.

After we've received your signup & payment, you'll receive an
confirmation via email that you're registered for the trip.

GMAIL users: please be sure to check your Promotions Tab for our emails, and learn how to adjust Gmail's filters >
Two group meals are included in our trip price, and they're a big part of our social element in Sun Valley. A hearty hot breakfast is included each morning at our hotel. On Thursday, we'll have a delicious on-mountain lunch at Sun Valley’s historic Roundhouse. On Saturday, we’ll toast the end of our trip with a delicious multi-course dinner at the famous Trail Creek Cabin. (No promises, but we’ve seen celebrities every time we’ve dined there…)

On Thursday evening, you’re invited to discover a delicious local ranch favorite, 
Pioneer Saloon (which is not prepaid). Friday night is a free night to dine wherever you like.

As always, we'll name a meeting spot for lunch and après-ski each day.
We are happy to arrange roommates for you. Typically, half of our participants ask us to match them up with a roommate. We'll ask a few easy questions and accommodate your preferences. We match up roommates about a month before the trip, so you can have some time to invite friends to sign up.

If you prefer your own room, you may select a single occupancy. We collect the single occupancy supplement when you sign up (View "Pricing & Payment" below). Please note: there are only a small number of single occupancy slots available. Single occupancies tend to sell out very quickly.
The new Limelight Hotel in Ketchum, Idaho

We've been very fortunate to book rooms at the brand new Limelight Hotel in Ketchum, the town at the base of Sun Valley Resort. A sister property to the well-loved Limelight Aspen, this swanky and well-appointed hotel is extra cool. And extra gay friendly.

In addition to the on-site pool and stylish bar, hotel guests enjoy complimentary daily access to a fantastic nearby day spa, offering massage, hydrotherapy and more.

At signup, you’ll choose single or double occupancy. You don’t need to know your roommate’s name before signing up; see below.
The town of Ketchum is charming and cool; it's got a cute collection of lodges, hotels, shops, art galleries and restaurants. The skiing and snowboarding areas are about a 5-10 minute ride from the town; regularly scheduled free buses and shuttles make it super easy to get around.

National Geographic named Ketchum one of America's best ski towns. Here's what they said >
The Sun Valley areas are generally divided into two big areas: Baldy and Dollar Mountain. Baldy is alpine terrain that’s rich in deep blue through black diamond runs. Dollar is more gently sloped beginner / intermediate area. It’s inconvenient to go from one area to the other on the same day. For this reason, we primarily recommend this trip for those at intermediate through expert level.

If you haven't been skiing or riding in the American West before, we strongly encourage you to set up a lesson for our first day here. An instructor can introduce you to the best terrain for your particular skills and give you targets to work on during our time here.

We'll coordinate lessons in advance for the SKI BUMS participants who are interested. 

Visit the ski & snowboard school page to view pricing >
About half of our participants will rent skis or snowboards. We do NOT recommend reserving equipment in advance; despite the chance to save some dough, it often locks you into a particular rental shop that may not have the specific gear you'd prefer to use.

Instead, we'll encourage you to arrive at our hotel with enough time to shop around and pick up gear that suits you. There are
many rental shops in the town of Ketchum. Before the trip, we’ll recommend a few of the best.
If you're new to the group or haven't joined us in a long time, click here to see how things work >
Want to see the SKI BUMS around the world who love the mountains as much as you do? When you post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, use the hashtag #skibums!
We've got lots of inside advice for those who are taking their first SKI BUMS trip. Click here >
IMPORTANT NOTE: we do not permit skiers and snowboarders to arrange their own lodging and join our events without setting up a Custom Trip and pre-paying for our guided events and group meals. Custom Trip spaces are very limited. Contact us here to set up a Custom Trip >