Colorado is a huge state. It's got more than two dozen ski resorts. But there are a few things about Telluride that make it stand out.

For starters, the scenery. Ski Magazine ranks it the most scenic ski resort in North America. The peaks of the San Juan mountains climb more than 12,000 feet into the air, stretching out in every direction. As you weave between bountiful fir trees and jot around craggy cliffs, you get that undeniable feeling of awe that comes from the most picturesque national parks. The peak of Mt. Wilson inspires famous logos.

But aside from is spectacular terrain, this historic mining town is one of West's coolest, most progressive year-round mountain destinations, with its own world-famous wine, jazz and film festivals. Spend a few days here and you'll feel like a local -- and you might never want to leave.

We’re thrilled to host our fourth trip to Telluride, Colorado!

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Wednesday February 15 to Sunday February 19, 2022
3 — Thursday through Saturday
Village of Telluride
Recommended for all levels of skiers & snowboarders
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There are many travel insurers, and policies are very affordable. We especially recommend, and suggest you add the sports package to cover skiing & snowboarding activity.
$1499 USD per person, for double occupancy

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Pay a $500 deposit, with balance of $999 due on December 1st

-- additional options --

$600 USD supplement for single occupancy 
We are releasing two blocks of spaces for this trip: the Pre-Season Sale Block and the Regular Pricing Block.

REGULAR PRICING BLOCK | September 1st | $1499 per person

All remaining trip spaces will be made available on September 1st, until the trip sells out. During our regular pricing, participants may sign up with a $500 deposit or pay in full ($1499).

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PRE-SEASON SALE BLOCK | From May 5 to August 31st | Save $50 to $100

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Your trip includes a 3-day lift ticket for Telluride Ski Resort.

Note: If you or your travel partner do not ski or snowboard -- or you've already got a lift pass -- we can remove the lift tickets from our package. You may sign up for the trip with a deposit; contact us to calculate your balance due.
A few weeks before we travel, all participants will submit a Travel Portfolio, where we'll collect your flight information, dietary restrictions, roommate requests, emergency contact info, skill level, and other pertinent details. We'll email everyone and post the link here when it's time to submit it.
SKI BUMS designs our season for all levels of skiers and snowboarders, but we make specific recommendations for each trip. On ALL SKI BUMS trips, we begin by dividing into skill level groups so you can identify those who enjoy the same terrain that you do. See how our groups work >

Beginners: Out of all our 2017 Western trips, this is the one we recommend most highly for beginners. There are gorgeous green circle slopes here, and the whole atmosphere of Telluride is wonderfully friendly towards those who are learning to ski and ride. The ski school is excellent. If you've got questions or could use some extra assistance while signing up, please contact us.

Intermediate: Really fun mountain. That's what you'll think. A big broad 36% of the terrain here is marked with a blue square, and even if you venture into steeper territory, it's hard to really get into trouble here. From every chair lift, there's always an easier way down; the distribution of runs makes it easy to mix it up with those who ski and ride more aggressively than you do. The views here are truly breathtaking, and even intermediates can ski and ride at the highest altitudes. We expect that about half of our trip participants for this trip will be intermediate skiers and riders.

Advanced: Telluride's black diamond runs aren't messing around. With a clear nod toward the advanced skiers and riders who want to feel those quads burning, Telluride keeps some of its steepest terrain perennially ungroomed, which makes for fantastic powder days and very challenging bump runs. The massive expanse of Revelation Bowl invites the intrepid skiers and riders who enjoy choosing their own lines. This is a fantastic resort for high-level skiers and riders, and when you're ready to chill out, the wide open groomers are a great way to relax.

Expert: Telluride doesn't mark any of its terrain with a double black diamond, but neither does Alta-- these are the purists who believe that a single black diamond really does mean "most difficult." Don't let it fool you. The Gold Hill Chutes hit 45° pitches, and a hike up Palmyra Peak will give you access to some of North America's highest, most extreme runs. As USA Today says, "The trail map gods at Telluride make a distinction between merely "expert" black diamonds and "extreme" terrain, and they mean it." On most of our trips, we have four or five BUMS who are ready to tackle the toughest parts of the mountain, and we expect the same for this year's adventure in Telluride.

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For additional nights at the Hotel Telluride:

If you’d like to arrive one day early or depart one day late, you may book additional nights through SKI BUMS. Contact us to inquire about the nightly rate.

+ SKI BUMS cannot provide roommates for additional nights. Either book a single occupancy or arrange your own roommate.
+ We cannot divide the additional rooming cost among multiple parties. One person pays.
+ The same trip cancellation policy applies (see below) for any additional hotel nights. There are no refunds for your additional nights if you cancel after December 1st.
+ You may select a room with one bed or two. We will request that you remain in the same room for the duration of your stay, but it isn’t something that we can
+ The deadline to book these additional nights through SKI BUMS is November 31st. After this date, you must contact the hotel, make an independent reservation, and pay the hotel directly.
+ We cannot offer discounted lift tickets for additional days at Telluride.

To inquire about adding additional nights to your reservation, contact us >

SKI BUMS trip leaders are happy to offer
advice, but Trip Leaders will not be on hand to offer travel assistance beyond the official dates of our itinerary.

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Air transportation is not included. Read these recommendations closely before buying airfare. We do NOT recommend flying directly into / out of Telluride Airport.

Montrose (MTJ) is the airport we recommend for this trip, NOT Telluride (TEX). Here's why: during the winter months, delays and cancellations into Telluride airport are very common. If a snow storm arrives during our stay, you could end up completely missing the trip or facing a 7+ hour drive from Denver. Although Montrose is a 2 hour drive from Telluride, it's hands down the smartest choice.


You'll want to be smart about buying your airfare, keeping our itinerary and potential winter weather delays in mind. Many winter flights haven't been scheduled yet; we recommend waiting until late October to purchase your flight. View the flight schedule to / from Montrose >

RECOMMENDATIONS | ARRIVAL: to make sure you don't miss our meet & greet, please plan to arrive in Montrose by 2 PM. It's about a 2-hour transfer time from Montrose to Telluride, and ideally, you'll want to give yourself some time to explore Telluride, eat dinner, pick up rentals, etc. before our 8 PM gathering. | DEPARTURE: Sunday is a travel day; book your flight at whatever time seems best for you, but keep this in mind: ground transfers usually pick up at our hotel about 4 hours before your flight time. In Telluride, an early departure makes for a very early alarm clock.

You may find that airfares are more affordable if you return on Monday; connect with the other BUMS on Facebook if you'd like to coordinate travel with others. See "Trip Extensions," below if you’d like to add an additional night’s stay at our hotel.

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Connect with the other BUMS on Facebook if you'd like to coordinate travel with others.
Telluride Ski Resort is unquestionably one of North America's greatest; Condé Nast Traveler calls it the best ski resort in the USA: "the most beautiful mountain town in Colorado with views reminiscent of the Alps. (We) love its no-line lifts, the steep terrain, and the overall laid-back vibe. Absolutely the world's greatest ski area when it comes to variety of difficulty." The BUMS heartily agree. This will be our fourth trip here, and we can't wait to return.

The breadth of the terrain truly is remarkable here; from the most basic beginners to the most adrenaline-junkie experts, everyone can have a great time on these mountains.

There are over two thousand skiable acres, offering up massive powder bowls, tree-lined roller coasters, wide open groomers and
Plinko-game glades. And, because it sits at such a high altitude, the snow preservation stays excellent well into the spring. (See "weather history," below)

Simply put, Telluride is about as good as it gets.
SKI BUMS anticipates what you'll need to know, and when you'll need to know it. We email valuable pre-trip information to all our participants, in numbered Info Packs. You'll need to receive them and read them closely, so it's crucial that you've provided an email address to us that you check regularly. Gmail users: you need to take extra steps to see our emails.

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The vast majority of our important trip info is located right here on this page.
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Who's coming on the trip? Find out by joining our special SKI BUMS Telluride Facebook Group. Whether you're simply curious about signing up or you're already on board, everyone's welcome to join this Facebook group. Feel free to invite friends, too -- it's a cool way to begin learning names of the skiers and boarders who you'll meet when we're in Colorado! if you decide not to join us, we'll remove you from the group before the trip begins.

In advance of the trip, the BUMS use this group to share travel plans and coordinate meet ups for ground transfers. During and after the trip, they share pics and messages with one another. You'll see posts like "who's on the 1 PM flight into Montrose?” and "who's up for fresh tracks tomorrow?"

Request to join the Telluride Facebook group >
Of course, weather is impossible to predict, but SKI BUMS plans our trips with an eye on weather history. Historically, February is an ideal time to visit Telluride, where the snow storms generally continue well into April. Telluride's altitude is one of Colorado's highest -- with a top elevation of 13,150' -- which helps the snow stay soft and light. We’ve chosen this trip for peak season in Telluride, and you should look forward to some classic winter conditions.
Our rooms in Telluride are guaranteed after 4 PM on Wednesday, February 15. If you arrive earlier, the hotel can store your bags until your room is ready.

After checking in, you'll want to explore Telluride, get some grub, get acquainted and pick up any rental ski / snowboard equipment. There's convenient ski and snowboard storage inside the hotel.
Our trip officially begins at 8 PM with a meet & greet welcome reception. In our hotel’s lobby bar / lounge, you'll meet the SKI BUMS trip leaders and the other participants. We’ll have free appetizers, so don’t worry if you’re a bit hungry and haven’t had time to eat.
This trip has a minimum of 20 participants. If we fail to meet our minimum number of registered participants by 60 days before the trip, the trip may be cancelled. In that event, those who have signed up for the trip will receive a full refund.
+ 3-out-of-4 day adult lift ticket for Telluride Ski Resort 
+ Hotel shuttle transportation to the Telluride town gondola
+ Four night stay at the Hotel Telluride
+ Welcome reception / meet & greet
+ Two delicious multi-course dinners, on Thursday and Saturday
+ SKI BUMS professional trip leaders

+ A daily itinerary of guided activities, terrain recommendations and and hosted events
+ Up-to-the-minute trip updates, delivered to your mobile phone

+ Trip organization, guidance and assistance from two SKI BUMS professional trip leaders
+ Air transportation
+ Ground transportation
+ Ski and snowboard equipment rental
+ Additional meals, alcoholic drinks

+ Travel insurance (very highly recommended)
+ Wednesday, February 15: Fly into Montrose, transfer to our hotel & get settled

+ Thursday through Saturday: Ski & ride at Telluride

+ Sunday February 19: Check out, fly home
Our trip leaders design an itinerary that gives you the best way to explore the terrain and get to know your fellow BUMS. We send it to you in a mobile format, and update it on a devoted Twitter feed, with up-to-the-minute announcements you can receive on your cell phone.

The on-mountain adventure begins bright and early on Thursday. We divide into skill level groups that help you identify the other skiers and snowboarders who enjoy the same terrain that you do, and then we divide and conquer the mountain! Learn about our skill level groups. >

Each day, the itinerary will name a meet up time and place each morning to get things started. We gather as a big group for lunch, and toast to the end of each day with après-ski... before hitting the hotel's outdoor hot tubs!

In general, you'll spend most of the day in a smallish group of four or five skiers or boarders. You and your group will set your own pace, and it's common to mix it up with a few different groups throughout the week. This is your vacation, so you're always free to break away and do your own thing.

For two of our evenings, we'll dine together at some of the areas best restaurants, including 221 South Oak, one of our favorite restaurants in any ski town. Friday night is free for you to enjoy as you like -- you may want to head out on the town with your new friends, or take a night to chill outwith room service in our hotel. The BUMS who take our trips to Telluride are here to ski and board, first and foremost -- and after a hard-charging day on the mountain, you'll sink into our plush hotel beds for a very good night's sleep!

Saturday night is our night to stay out and celebrate; we'll celebrate with a delicious dinner, then head out to one our favorite bars in downtown Telluride to toast the end of a fantastic vacation!

Learn more about how SKI BUMS trips work >
You must have a cell phone that will work while we are in Colorado. It will need to be able to receive domestic SMS text messages, even when you are not on Wi-Fi.

Trip leaders send up-to-the-minute text message alerts with itinerary information, transportation pickup times, lunch locations, weather advisories, and more. Additionally, the other trip participants text one another to coordinate their plans on the mountain. If you are traveling to Colorado from a foreign country, we recommend that you budget for an international plan that includes voice, data and SMS messaging for use in the USA.

View our communications guide for important information >
On the mountain: SKI BUMS requires our trip participants to wear helmets while skiing & riding. See our helpful guide, How to Dress for the Mountain, for suggestions. Telluride has many, many gear & apparel shops, but prices will be a bit elevated, so pack wisely.

Off the mountain: all our events are casual dress. As you can pretty easily see, the BUMS are a casual, laid-back crowd; we aren't flashy. Be yourself, and be comfortable -- just as you would on any skiing / snowboarding trip.

A few vital packing tips:

Pack your skiing and snowboarding apparel in your carry on bag. Delayed luggage can arrive days late; you won't want to have to buy all new stuff to make it onto the mountain.

+ Be sure to pack
winter wear shoes with a good tread; expect snowy, icy streets.

+ Don't forget
sunscreen for the high-altitude UV exposure, and a swimsuit for the hot tub!

Read our helpful tips on how to pack your gear for a skiing / snowboarding trip >
SKI BUMS detailed trip itineraries are designed to be viewed on any smart phone. Additionally, our trip leaders send up-to-the-minute alerts that you'll receive on your phone via SMS text messaging. It allows us to keep you in the loop and make smart adjustments based on the weather.

: View our communications guide >
We limit the number of participants for all SKI BUMS trips. This trip will sell out.

Signing up is simple. You'll simply provide your information, then proceed to payment.

After we've received your signup & payment, you'll receive an
confirmation via email that you're registered for the trip.

GMAIL users: please be sure to check your Promotions Tab for our emails, and learn how to adjust Gmail's filters >
Daily breakfasts and two dinners are included our trip price, and they're a big part of our social element in Telluride. The Hotel Telluride features a tasty hot breakfast buffet -- an easy way to coordinate your mornings with the other BUMS. On Thursday and Saturday, we'll have pre-paid dinners at two of the best restaurants in town, including a return to one of the SKI BUMS all-time favorites, the unforgettable 221 South Oak. We can easily accommodate guests with special dietary needs. Wednesday and Friday's dinners are up to you -- feel free to make plans with new friends, or take a night to chill out at the hotel.

As always, we'll name a meeting spot for lunch and après-ski each day. If the weather's nice, you can guarantee we'll be dining outside to enjoy the Gorrano Ranch's sun-drenched deck!
We are happy to arrange roommates for you. Typically, half of our participants ask us to match them up with a roommate. We'll ask a few easy questions and accommodate your preferences.

If you prefer your own room, you may select a single occupancy. We collect the single occupancy supplement when you sign up (View "Pricing & Payment" below). Please note: there are only a small number of single occupancy slots available. Single occupancies tend to sell out very quickly.
The Hotel Telluride is an upscale property with everything you'd want in a rustic, charming home-away-from-home. We’ve stayed here on our previous two trips to Telluride; the BUMS love it here. It will easily win you over with its helpful, friendly staff, plush and comfortable rooms, delicious hot breakfast buffet, great Wifi and fantastic outdoor hot tubs. It's no wonder it's got so many fans! Read the reviews >

The hotel is located right in the historic town of Telluride (see "Get your bearings," below), which makes it easy to walk around town to enjoy its quirky cafes, fun-loving bars, delicious restaurants and unique shops. It's about a five minute walk to the lifts; the hotel also offers a complimentary shuttle service if you'd rather rest your feet at the end of the day.

View the hotel photo gallery >
Nearly everything is within an enjoyable walking distance from our hotel, and the hotel offers a complimentary shuttle for rides to and from the gondola. Walking through the charming town of Telluride is one of the coolest parts of a trip here.

Private taxis are plentiful if you'd ever like a ride, and the area offers a public bus service as well. See "ground transfers” above for information about getting here from the airport.

The Telluride trail map covers more terrain than you might expect; click the trail map below to see more. Find additional nerdy mountain statistics here >
The skiing and snowboarding instructors at Telluride are top notch, and you can book a group lesson for a morning or afternoon once you’ve arrived in Telluride. View pricing here.

However, if you’d like to book a private lesson, you’d be wise to schedule and book yours several weeks in advance.
Click here to book a private lesson.

If you’d like to invite other BUMS to join you for a lesson, post a message on our FB group or contact us for recommendations.
About half of our participants will rent skis or snowboards. We do NOT recommend reserving equipment in advance; it’s unnecessary in a place like Telluride.

After you’ve arrived in Telluride, we recommend visiting
Telluride Sports, the Gondola Plaza location. That’ll be the easiest place to pick up or exchange gear on Thursday morning.
If you're new to the group or haven't joined us in a long time, click here to see how things work >
Want to see the SKI BUMS around the world who love the mountains as much as you do? When you post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, use the hashtag #skibums!
Tell your friends about our adventure in Colorado!
We've got lots of inside advice for those who are taking their first SKI BUMS trip. Click here >
IMPORTANT NOTE: we do not permit skiers and snowboarders to arrange their own lodging and join our events without setting up a Custom Trip and pre-paying for our guided events and group meals. Custom Trip spaces are very limited. Contact us here to set up a Custom Trip >
It's about a 2 hour drive from Montrose to Telluride, depending on the weather. About 3 weeks before the trip, contact Mountain Limo to arrange your ground transfer and tell them SKI BUMS sent you. You should budget about $90 for a round-trip transfer.

We don't recommend renting a car for this trip, but if you do want the extra mobility, the hotel offers paid parking, and street parking is available as well (although rather limited).
There are essentially two villages at Telluride -- one at lower altitude and one at higher altitude.

The town of Telluride, at 8,750' altitude,  is the primary residential and commercial area. Columbia Avenue -- also known as Main Street -- is its main thoroughfare. It was settled as a mining town, which was its main industry until the ski resort opened in 1972. Our hotel is here, in Telluride proper. (And It’s considerably easier to get a good night’s sleep at the lower altitude.)

The town of Mountain Village, at 9,545' altitude, is the primary lodging and base area for Telluride Ski Resort. Although there are trails that lead directly from the slopes down to Telluride, most skiers and boarders finish their day at the Mountain Village base area, then ride the free gondola that connects the two villages.