Up to 14 days before your trip, you may cancel your spot at any time and receive a full refund.

Exchange: Within 14 days of the trip -- up to 72 hours before our trip -- you may switch your spot to another available daytrip for a $25 change fee. This only applies if there are available spots still open on another trip.

Cancellation fees: Within 14 days of the trip -- up to 72 hours before our trip -- you may cancel your spot for a $50 penalty.

Within 72 hours of our departure time, there is no refund for any cancellations. SKI BUMS recommends travel insurance for those who must cancel for work or illness reasons.

To cancel your spot on a daytrip, view the full SKI BUMS cancellation policy or submit your cancellation >
$125 per person

$35 | Ski or snowboard rental package

$20 | Group lesson

*You may add rentals or lessons at check-in on the day of the trip; bring cash with you.
You may pay with any major credit card, cash or check.

We use PayPal to process online credit card payments. PayPal is the internet's most trusted online payment portal, and you do not need to be a PayPal member to submit a payment.

If you would ever like to use PayPal to send a manual payment (from a smartphone, for example), our account address is: payments (at) ski-bums.org.

PayPal mobile apps: iPhone / iPad / iPod TouchAndroid

All trips depart from the corner of 8th Avenue and 34th Street, NYC
Your trip includes an adult full-day lift ticket, which is essentially your "admission ticket" to the ski resort.
Adult single day lift ticket | Private charter bus transportation between the ski resort and New York City | Two professional trip leaders | Bus party home
As with all SKI BUMS trips, space is limited, and our day trips will sell out!

You must be a registered member to join a SKI BUMS trip; only those who sign up via the SKI BUMS website may join us.

Sign up for SKI BUMS membership >
After meeting your skill level group, the BUMS head into the rental shops to pick up their gear while those who own equipment will gear up in the lodge. You'll re-connect with your group after everyone's bundled up, geared up and ready to go.
Saturday Jan 4 | Windham, New York | Bunny Hill | WAIT LIST
A daytrip devoted to “newbies,” with free lessons for new skiers and new snowboarders

Saturday Jan 18 | Hunter, NY | WAIT LIST | add your name >

Saturday Feb 8 | Windham, New NY | WAIT LIST | add your name >

Wednesday Mar 5 | Camelback, Pennsylvania

Sunday Mar 9 | Windham, New NY | NEW!!!!

Saturday Mar 15 | Belleayre, New York | WAIT LIST | add your name >

It's crucial that you've got proper attire for skiing and snowboarding. Learn about five must-have items: ski pants; gloves; goggles; jacket; and a helmet -- in addition to other advice on our informative guide: How to Dress for the Slopes.

SKI BUMS members get
amazing deals -- up to 50% off -- at Backcountry.com. Sign up or renew your free SKI BUMS membership now to get our discount code.
Each resort for the NYC daytrips is varied and fun -- and designed to welcome skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. Although no one would compare the terrain here to something you'd find in the big mountains out West, there's fun to be had for everyone.

View the trail maps: Windham | Hunter | Camelback | Belleayre
Meals | Equipment rental or lessons (optional add ons)
$125 per person
Be sure to get a good night's sleep the night before our trip! You'll want to be well rested to have a great day. Thankfully, we dim the lights for the drive up to the mountain so you can also take a nap on the way there.
Our daytrips are the heart of what makes SKI BUMS so much fun.

Talk to anyone who's been on one of our daytrips, and you'll hear the same things. "Soooo much fun." "My favorite thing about the winter." "I met more cool people in one day than I had met all year."

When we say that the daytrips are all about
bonding, we mean it.

It's an easy escape from the city.
About 2 1/2 hours away, the Catskills are dotted with fun-loving mountains like Windham, Hunter and Belleayre. Over in Pennsylvania, the Poconos stretch out across Camelback. And when the SKI BUMS head to these hills for a full day of fun, we do it up right: complete with our own charter bus and a rollicking bus party home.

Whether you're learning to ski or you eat black diamonds for breakfast, the SKI BUMS daytrips are an incredible way to get plugged in and make a whole bunch of new friends. Everyone's welcome -- so join us!
We've got our own private charter bus to take us to and from each daytrip destination. We pick up and drop off on the corner of 8th Avenue and 34th Street.
Upon arrival at the mountain, we trade names and phone numbers with the others in your skill level group, so you can enjoy the day with others who enjoy the same kind of terrain -- at the same pace -- that you do. This is a huge part of what makes SKI BUMS so fun. Learn more >
We want to make it easy to connect with other SKI BUMS members who have signed up for trips -- and stay in touch after our trips finish up. Be sure to become a fan of SKI BUMS on our Facebook page, and watch for our photos and videos after we return home!

Our main Facebook fan page is a fantastic way to keep an eye on all the fun we're having. Our Twitter and Tumblr will keep you up to date on the latest news. We host cool trip videos on Vimeo and pics on Flickr. And on Spotify, we curate fun-loving playlists that are perfect for the slopes!
One of the undeniable highlights of our day is the bus party home, when everyone shares cocktails, beer and homemade goodies. We crank up the tunes from the SKI BUMS 2014 Party Playlist (listen now on Spotify) and rock out on our way back to the city!
Women sign up for every day trip that we host. To connect with our women and participate in special events in NYC, simply sign up for membership. We also send invites and special updates via the Ski Bums Women's Chapter on Facebook.
5:40 AM *sharp* is our check-in time for the Saturday trips. (Our Wednesday trip checks in one hour later). You'll meet our trip leaders at our bus pick up spot, on the corner of 8th Avenue and 34th Street, then take your seat on the bus.
WE LEAVE ON TIME, at 6 AM sharp. (One hour later for the Wednesday trip.) If you are running late, do not call or message us asking to hold the bus for you. We leave on time. There are no refunds if you miss the bus.
Most BUMS wear their skiing / snowboarding clothes on the way up, but you may want to bring a change of clothes for the end of the day. Additionally, bring money for lunch (or a sack lunch), and food & drinks for the bus party home.

Party planning: think picnic foods. Our party happens during dinnertime, so folks are craving protein. We're always looking for a good mix of savory and sweet items. Pre-mixed cocktails, micro-brews and light beers are popular. Have fun and get ready to impress the BUMS with your culinary marvels!
We meet up as a big group for lunch, then finish the day at après-ski, the traditional toast to the end of a fun day on the mountain. But that's not where the fun ends...
We have beginner skiers and snowboarders on every daytrip we host, but one trip in particular -- January 4th at Windham -- is a a day that's dedicated to our new skiers and snowboarders. 2014 is the tenth year we've hosted this trip -- which we lovingly refer to as Bunny Hill -- named after the the gently-sloped learning area that you'll find at any ski resort. Watch a cool video from last year >

On this trip,
new skiers and snowboarders receive a free group lesson.

If you're brand new to skiing or snowboarding, the daytrips are a perfect way to learn the ropes on the slopes. As a general rule of thumb, it takes most people three days on the mountain to really get the hang of things, so we hope you'll join us for multiple days this season!

If you have questions about learning to ski or ride, please
do not hesitate to ask. The SKI BUMS trip leaders are enthusiastic to introduce to you to a sport we know and love!
About 2/3rds of our participants rent equipment, and we offer discounted rentals for each daytrip. ALL BUMS MUST WEAR HELMETS. You can rent one at the mountain for about $10 a day.
No matter what your skill level -- from beginner to expert -- we encourage participants to take lessons, especially on daytrips, where we get great rates on group lessons. You may pre-pay for a lesson by adding it when you sign up for a daytrip, or pay in cash on the morning of the trip when you check in with the SKI BUMS trip leaders.
$35 | Ski or snowboard rental package

$20 | Group lesson

*You may add rentals or lessons at check-in on the day of the trip; bring cash with you.
We return to NYC (to the same spot we were picked up) at 8:30 PM, depending on traffic.