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Jan 16: Windham

Feb 10: Sick Day

Feb 13: Mountain Creek

Mar 20: Belleayre

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The day starts bright and early. Or, more accurately, dark and early; you'll likely wake up before the sunrise. At about 6:00 AM, about fifty SKI BUMS board our own private shuttle bus to enjoy one of the local ski resorts in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania area, and by 9:00, you're in the mountains. The local resorts of Hunter, Belleayre, Windham, Blue Mountain and Mountain Creek offer dozens of trails at every skill level, the chance to polish your skills, and best of all, the chance to meet a bus full of friendly BUMS who are eager to get out of the city for a day-long adventure at higher altitudes.

Bond with a whole group of new friends.

If you're new to SKI BUMS, there's nothing like a daytrip for an easy chance to meet a whole lot of great people on one fun-filled day. The daytrips bring out an especially social crowd, and -- just like you -- they've joined SKI BUMS primarily to meet new people. A SKI BUMS daytrip is the perfect way to jump in and join the fun.

The day begins with introductions at the base of the mountain, where you'll meet other skiers and boarders who like the same type of terrain you do (see "Skill Levels," at right). We all meet up again for lunch, and again for the traditional afternoon happy hour, known as après-ski. From there, we board our own bus for the party bus home, which is a virtual finger-food potluck cook-off. With homemade food and drinks to share, the party bus home is one of the BUMS most favorite traditions.

Polish your skills.

One of the biggest rewards of our daytrips is the chance to polish your skills. Whether you're a newbie or an advanced skier or boarder, the local terrain will give you the kind of challenge to become stronger or help you prepare for an upcoming multi-day trip. Many of our participants will use a daytrip to take a lesson; groups like ours are often given steep discounts on instruction at our local hills. Advanced skiers and riders often have an instructor to themselves -- for a mere twenty bucks. You'd rarely find that at a major resort in the west.

Get out of the city -- affordably.

If you're dying to get back on skis or a board but don't have a multi-day trip in your budget, our daytrips are an affordable way to enjoy a great day on the mountains without breaking the bank. Sign up today for only $99!

Space on each trip is limited.

To learn more about each daytrip and sign up, click on the tabs, at right.

If you're a member, add your name to the Bunny Hill Wait List >

It's time to learn something new.

At Bunny Hill, SKI BUMS celebrates those who are ready to learn to ski or snowboard -- who we affectionately refer to as "the newbies." About half of our bus-full of participants will learn to ski or snowboard for the very first time, or polish up on old skills that they haven't used since they were kids. If you're one of those people who hasn't been on skis or a board since high school, but you can see just how cool skiing and snowboarding could be, Bunny Hill is for you. This year's edition is at Hunter Mountain, the most popular resort in the Catskills.

Date and Time:

  • Saturday, January 9th
  • Check-in: 5:40 AM on the corner of 8th Avenue and 33rd Street. Be on time; we cannot wait for you.
  • Departure: 6:00 AM *sharp*
  • Return to Manhattan: 8:30 PM

You're in great company.

It's one thing to be on a ski trip with friends as the token newbie who doesn't really know what a toe edge or fall line are, but it's something else entirely to be in a group of full-grown adults who are just beginning to ski, snowboard --- and fall down laughing -- together. Every year, a group of new BUMS learns the ropes on the slopes. They emerge from the day with a brand-new passion and brand-new group of friends. The rest of us are there to enjoy the other parts of the mountain and cheer you on, while you put in some time in the learning area, commonly known at ski resorts as the bunny hill.

Beginners receive a free lesson.

On this daytrip, you'll have the opportunity to begin the day with a group of other newbies, while the SKI BUMS staff and volunteers walk you through the initial steps and make sure you understand all that's happening. After you've received your skiing or snowboarding equipment at the resort, we'll introduce you to one of Hunter Mountain's qualified instructors, who will begin your day with the 101's of skiing and snowboarding. If you've already had a few days on skis or a snowboard and you're not a total newbie, you'll have the chance to join a group lesson for those who are also a bit familiar with the basics. From there, you'll be off on the snow and learning from the experts!

We all meet for lunch, where you'll have the chance to reconnect with the other BUMS, brag about your accomplishments, then plan for an afternoon practice session, or even sign up for an additional lesson.

The afternoon ends with a celebratory party, which starts at our traditional après-ski and continues on our famous bus party home.

This is just the beginning.

The general rule of thumb is that it takes about three days to really learn to ski or snowboard. Keep in mind that this is just day one, and you'll likely finish the day with a newfound desire to get back on skis or a board very quickly to keep practicing. There are rich rewards in store; if you look through our photo galleries, you'll find a whole group of new snowboarders who spent their very first day on a board at Bunny Hill, took a few additional daytrips, and by the end of the season, were enjoying the spectacular vistas at world-class resorts like Telluride and Bariloche. Plan to put in a few days to get the swing of things, and by the time the snow melts, you'll be itching for winter to return.

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If you're a member, add your name to the Windham Wait List >

Windham Mountain, just a hop, skip and a jump away from neighboring Hunter Mountain, has long enjoyed a reputation of being the most well-appointed resort in the Catskills. Privately owned, the area got a multi-million dollar face lift in 2006, opening up three new trails and installing new lifts. Today, Windham stands apart from its neighbors for its great customer service, a fantastic base lodge, and a tremendous variety up on the mountain. It's also wonderfully beginner-friendly... so if you're planning to learn to ski or ride at Bunny Hill, you'd be wise to book yourself a "day two" to practice your skills here. It's a great hill, and you're in for a great time.

Date and Time:

  • Saturday, January 16th
  • Check-in: 5:40 AM on the corner of 8th Avenue and 33rd Street. Be on time; we cannot wait for you.
  • Departure: 6:00 AM *sharp*
  • Return to Manhattan: 8:30 PM

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If you're a member, add your name to the Wait List >

Mid-week daytrips are the best.

Why? Because there's no one there. If you're the sort of person who hates waiting in a lift line, these trips are right up your alley. They're so much fun, in fact, that they're a perfect excuse to call in sick from work, so we lovingly refer to our mid-week daytrips as a "Sick Day."

Sleep in a lil' bit.

On these daytrips, we leave at 7 AM, which will give you a little extra time in the morning. We'll arrive around 9:30, and at Blue Mountain, the entire terrain has night skiing, which means you can stay out on the hill even after the sun starts setting. It makes for a fantastically full day; these are the kind of days where you'll get to do lap after lap of skiing and riding, because there's no wait to hop on the lifts. Year after year, our mid-week trips emerge as one of the highlights of the SKI BUMS daytrip season, and we can't wait to take our very first trip to Blue Mountain.

Date and Time:

  • Wednesday, February 10th
  • Check-in: 6:40 AM on the corner of 8th Avenue and 33rd Street. Be on time; we cannot wait for you.
  • Departure: 7:00 AM *sharp*
  • Return to Manhattan: 9:00 PM

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If you're a member, add your name to the Wait List >

When the US Snowboarding Grand Prix announced that Mountain Creek, NJ would become one of three venues for the world's best snowboarders to compete, America found out what the locals had known for years: New York City's closest ski area was also the home of some fantastic terrain. In fact, snowboarding has taken off so much at Mountain Creek that they've devoted an entire base area to snowboarding, terrain parks, and advanced slopes. Although the lodges have yet to catch up to the swanky stylings of the on-mountain offerings -- a planned expansion of the South Base has languished for years -- there's a whole lot of fun to be had at Mountain Creek -- and you'll get an extra hour of sleep before boarding our bus.

Date and Time:

  • Saturday, February 13th
  • Check-in: 6:40 AM on the corner of 8th Avenue and 33rd Street. Be on time; we cannot wait for you.
  • Departure: 7:00 AM *sharp*
  • Return to Manhattan: 8:00 PM

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If you're a member, add your name to the Wait List >

The best part about Belleayre -- other than its proximity -- is that it's one of those great local hills that finds ways to surprise you. Beginner and intermediate skiers and snowboarders are always extra giddy at Belleayre, just because there are so many trails right up their alley, but Belleayre's got some nifty tricks up its sleeve. Steep, bank turns and well-maintained mogul fields serve up ample challenge for the black diamond set. No matter what your skill level, you'll find more than enough to enjoy for a full day on the mountain. And, Belleayre offers a complimentary group lesson, which gives you a great opportunity to sharpen your skills. Add in a great group of BUMS, and it's the perfect recipe for a fun-filled getaway mountain.

Date and Time:

  • Saturday, March 20th
  • Check-in: 5:40 AM on the corner of 8th Avenue and 33rd Street. Be on time; we cannot wait for you.
  • Departure: 6:00 AM *sharp*
  • Return to Manhattan: 8:30 PM

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Equipment Rental

If you do not own skiing or snowboarding equipment, you may add on an equipment rental package when you sign up for a daytrip. Equipment rental for all our trips is for a full rental package, which includes skis, boots and poles for skiers, and a snowboard and boots for snowboarders.

New for 2010: helmet rentals are included for ALL of our daytrips. We strongly encourage all SKI BUMS members to wear protective helmets.

Equipment rental FAQ:

Q: I've already signed up and paid for a trip, but I forgot to add equipment rental. Can I do that now?

Q: What if I already own boots, and I just need to rent skis or a snowboard?

    A: Do not add equipment rental here. Instead, simply visit the rental shop when we arrive at the mountain, where you can rent equipment items a la carte. Most local mountains have great demo shops if you're interested in trying out new high-end equipment before buying.

Q: If I rent skis for the day, but decide I want to switch later to a snowboard (or vice versa), can I switch during the day?

    A: Nearly every rental shop in the US will let you do this. Policies are subject to change, of course, and a rental shop may be running low on your particular ski or snowboard size by mid-day if the resort is crowded, but if you ask nicely, they'll almost always let you.

Q: Can I rent a helmet?

    A: If you already own skis / a snowboard and you just need to rent a helmet, you can do so a la carte at the mountain for about $10.

Q: Can I rent tele-skiing equipment?

    A: Sadly, none of the rental shops at our local mountains offers tele equipment. If you're eager to try tele, join us on a trip out West!

Skill Levels

Each of our daytrips is recommended for all skill levels. At the beginning of each daytrip, SKI BUMS hosts a "group up" at the base of the mountain, where you'll have the chance to meet other skiers and snowboarders who enjoy the same type of terrain that you do.

Skiers and boarders of all skill levels take our daytrips. Historically, about 25% of our daytrip participants are beginners, 50% are intermediates, and 25% are advanced, except Bunny Hill, when about half of our participants learn to ski or ride for the first time.

Hunter > | Windham > | Blue Mountain > | Mountain Creek > | Belleayre >


You're most comfortable on wide, gently-sloped runs, marked with a green circle. If you're brand new to skiing or snowboarding, you'll be spending a good amount of time in the learning area, commonly known as the "Bunny Hill."


You enjoy blue square runs, and might try a black diamond every now and then. You're less comfortable on bump runs (aka "moguls") and in deep powder. If you haven't been skiing since you were a kid, you should probably start out on beginner runs, and work your way toward intermediate ones.


You've got strong ability on steep terrain, and you're comfortable in a variety of snow types (hard pack, fresh powder, crud). You can handle bumps, but might avoid double-black runs, particularly in the American West.


You've got excellent command in all types of terrain and snow (deep powder, bumps, ungroomed, steeps, tree skiing). You can handle anything the mountain throws at you.

SKI BUMS makes pricing and payments easy; you can pay with any major credit card, cash or check. New for 2010, you may sign up for more than one daytrip -- or more than one person -- at a time.

All our daytrips have the same price structure:

Space is limited.

SKI BUMS restricts the number of our participants for all our trips. In the event that this trip sells out, SKI BUMS members may add their name to our Wait List. Historically, we offer wait list spots for every SKI BUMS trip, but we cannot guarantee that wait list spots will become available.

You are not confirmed for this trip until you have provided your information and submitted your payment. You must be a current SKI BUMS member to join any portion of a SKI BUMS trip.

Tell me about SKI BUMS membership >

How Sign Up Works

Part 1: Submit a sign up form. You must have a sign-up submission for every daytrip for which you sign up; you may use one form to sign up for multiple trips.

Part 2: After you've submitted your sign up form, you'll be directed to our payment page for your payment(s); we use PayPal, the internet's most trusted payment system. You do not need a PayPal account to make a payment, and if you prefer, you can pay with cash or a check.

Optional add ons:

  • Equipment rental:
    Ski and snowboard rental packages include skis, boots and poles or a snowboard and boots. Helmets are included in all rental packages. You may go back to add equipment rental up until 5 days before a daytrip for which you've signed up.
  • Group Lessons: We very highly recommend taking lessons, which you may use for any skill level. Those who are participating in one of our skill programs will have the opportunity to take an advanced lesson with others who are pursuing the same skills.

SKI BUMS has a generous cancellation policy with our daytrips, but it's important to note a few things. Please read this section closely.

Our daytrip cancellation policy is as follows:

  • If you cancel 7 or more before the trip: $20 cancellation fee.
  • If you cancel 6 days or fewer before a daytrip, or you miss the trip: no refund. To remain in good standing as a SKI BUMS member, please submit a cancellation form even if the trip is within 6 days and no refund is due.
  • You may change to a different trip. 7 days or more before a daytrip, you may move your spot to another daytrip for which space is available. There is a $20 fee to change to a different trip. To change to a new trip, click the button below to cancel your spot -- then submit a NEW sign-up form for the daytrip for which you're signing up, and in the "Payments" page, use the ADD ONS tab to pay your $20 change fee.

    NOTE: These changes are subject to space availability. Within 6 days of a daytrip, changes are not permitted.

SKI BUMS very strongly recommends the purchase of travel insurance to guard against unforeseen cancellations. If work or an illness force you to miss a trip, you can get a full refund. For daytrips, trip insurance is especially affordable.

Get a travel insurance quote >

Talk to anyone who's been on a SKI BUMS trip and they'll tell you that the singular best reason to join a trip with us is simple: the people you'll meet. SKI BUMS attracts a fun-loving group of outdoorsy, laid-back, friendly and outgoing people who are chill and out, and SKI BUMS designs our trips to make it extra easy for you to get to know them.

Each trip begins with a hosted skill level grouping, to help you meet the other skiers and riders who enjoy the same type of terrain that you do. We know that a day on the hill is usually more fun when you're not feeling pushed beyond your comfort level, or being held back by others who aren't keeping up. So whether you're simply hoping to make it down a trail without a yard sale, or you're on the hunt for hidden powder in the trees, SKI BUMS begins by helping you connect with those who want to get down the mountain the same way you do.

Daily lunches are an easy chance to reconnect with the whole group, trade stories on what you're finding on the mountain, and mix it up. SKI BUMS announces an official spot for lunch each day; you'll find the trip leaders on hand to answer questions or help with anything you might need. At the end of the day, the BUMS regroup for drinks and fun at the base of the mountain, for the daily tradition known as après-ski.

You'll finish the trip with a whole group of new friends, but this trip won't be the last time you see them. Reconnect with the other BUMS from your trip at our cool social events like Avalanche, Pow Wow and our new house parties, and stay in touch through our Facebook page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: May I drive to a daytrip and join you at the mountain?

    A: Absolutely! If you're an official SKI BUMS member and you've paid your 2010 membership dues, you may sign up for the trip as driver by submitting this form at least one week before the trip. You'll receive a confirmation that you've signed up, along with specific instructions on where to meet us and important contact info for the day of the trip.

    Sign up to drive to a daytrip >

Q: Why do you leave NYC so early?

    A: Although we enjoy catching "first chair," the primary reason is because we want to arrive at the mountain with enough time for our group to get their rental equipment and get suited up before the first round of lessons begin. It's about a two-and-a-half hour drive from midtown Manhattan to most of our resorts, and the first round of group lessons traditionally begins at 9:30 AM.

Q: I haven't been skiing or snowboarding in years, and I don't have a whole lot of skiing / snowboarding clothes. What do I really need?

    A: We've got an in-depth answer for you in our article at our online learning center, Freshies. Check it out >

Q: I don't need the full equipment rental package. What should I do?

    A: See the FAQ within the Rentals | Skill Levels tab for more info on rentals.

Q: Do I really need to bring homemade food for the bus ride party home?

    A: Yeah. You'll be hungry -- this is during dinnertime -- but it's also a killer way to make friends when your food is the hit of the bus. If you're really just not much of a cook, pick a lil' something up, but you'd be wise to opt for savory over sweet. Tips: cookies and bags of chips don't tend to go over so well. Bring finger food that's easy to pass around and you're golden.

Q: What kind of drinks are best?

    A: Beer is most popular -- the BUMS are kind of a beer drinkin' crowd when we're skiing & boarding, and cans are easier to drink on a moving bus. If you've got bottles, don't forget the bottle opener. If you're more of a mixed-drinks kinda BUM, you'll probably want to pre-mix anything before you leave home. And don't plan on anything that needs ice -- it's way too much work. Thankfully, we can store drinks in the bus during the day to keep them cool.

Q: I've never been skiing / boarding on one of the local hills. How do they compare to the larger resorts?

    A: Even if you're accustomed to skiing / riding in Europe or the West, you'll be surprised how much fun can be had at the local hills. Mountain Creek has a world-class snowboarding terrain park (and is home to many snowboarding championships). Hunter Mountain is the local training ground for nationally-certified skiing and snowboarding instructors, and has plenty of steep stuff to challenge any skier or rider. Belleayre is full of long, wide beginner and intermediate runs that the locals fall in love with, and Windham's got fantastic variety for all skill levels. That said, the best reason to come on a SKI BUMS daytrip is quite simple: to meet the other BUMS and make new friends.

Have a question that wasn't answered here? See additional Q & A's on our informative FAQ page >

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