Why a Women's Chapter?

SKI BUMS began as a local LGBT ski club in New York City, but as the organization has grown, more and more women have gotten involved. That's why we're especially excited to host social events and group trips that specifically cater to our female members!

With more than 300 women on our mailing list, we know that there are a
lot of ladies out there who are simply waiting for someone to step forward with an idea and a plan. As we began hosting trips and events for the SKI BUMS women, we've been able build a vibrant, supportive community.

What's best, the women of SKI BUMS participate in the full season of SKI BUMS trips, and the SKI BUMS guys
love our female members. We really believe in integration, and we can't wait to ski and ride together all over the world!

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Welcome to the world's largest group of lesbian skiers and snowboarders!

SKI BUMS hosts social events and group trips to all the world's best ski resorts for LGBT skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. We began hosting trips in 2005 with a simple goal: to bring gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people together to experience the incredible fun of skiing and snowboarding, and to create an atmosphere that leads to life-long friendships.
If you're someone who loves skiing or snowboarding -- or you'd love to learn -- you're in the right place.

The women of SKI BUMS are a tight-knit group, and we're growing every year. In 2012, we're hosting an
all-women's trip to Vermont. We're already planning an even bigger event for 2013. Its a great time to be a girl who likes girls who like the mountains. :)
Come be a part of our community.

Meet the BUMS ladies and get plugged into a vital, welcoming community of women. You'll love our our laid-back, friendly vibe. Chat us up about your favorite skiing and snowboarding destinations. Get advice on gear, or find a roomie for an upcoming trip. Meet the skiers and boarders who you'll be tearing up the mountains alongside this winter. And then,
after a trip, reconnect with all your new friends and maintain those new friendships all season long. Our social events are open to anyone -- it's the perfect way to check out SKI BUMS and get a good sense of what we're all about.

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