SKI BUMS features testimonials from our trip participants, to give a clearer picture of
what we're really like. Although many of our members have found us through friends,
vast majority of new members have told us they found us simply by searching
online for gay skiing / snowboarding clubs. When they visit the SKI BUMS site, they
arrive with all sorts of questions... such as:

What are the members like?  How well organized is everything?  Am I going to have
fun?  Are there other singles?  Other couples?  Will I fit in?  

If you can, think back to when you were first looking into SKI BUMS, or poking
around the SKI BUMS site. What sorts of questions did you have? What were your
hesitations, if any, about joining a group like this?

Then, take a minute to answer these questions, thinking of people like you. We'll use
your testimonials to help paint a better picture of what makes SKI BUMS such a great
group of people!

Your testimonial, if selected, will feature your
first name, plus an optional "tagline"
that says a little more about you.
"I'd gotten a little tired of trying to meet people in bars and clubs, so I
decided to try SKI BUMS. I hadn't skied since I was a teenager, but I found
lots of other green circle skiers. By the end of the winter, I'd made a number
of great new friends. The bus ride home from Hunter was a total blast."

-- Darius, 26-year old grad student, Manhattan

"The girls in SKI BUMS rock. After boarding together this winter, we've
continued to hang out and become better friends, and we can't wait for next

-- Sue, graphic designer and food fanatic, Brooklyn
If you've taken a trip with us in 2005, 2006 or 2007, you're invited to share your
testimonial. We may edit your comments for clarity or space considerations.

Please answer any of the questions below that interest you!
First name:

Last name:
Your last name will not appear in your testimonial on the website. We
request it for membership verification purposes only.
Feel free to share your age, location, hobby, occupation, etc.
Example: 32-year old Colorado transplant, Manhattan
If you were trying to convince a new friend to join SKI BUMS, what would you say?
What do you like about the people you've met through SKI BUMS? What's different or
unique about SKI BUMS members?
How well organized are SKI BUMS trips? What are the best things about the SKI BUMS
staff and volunteers?
If you had hesitations about joining, what were they? What did you discover after taking
a trip?
Do you feel that SKI BUMS is welcoming for people of any skill level? If so, why?
What's unique about SKI BUMS?
How has joining SKI BUMS affected your experience of GLBT life in New York City?
Thank you for your comments! Please click below to submit your testimonial.
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