NEW: To Buy Or Not To Buy? Is That The Question?

Once you've decided that you really like to ski, you'll have to ask, "do I want to rent
equipment, or buy my own?" Is there a third option? Here's some practical advice for our
skiers to help you think things through.
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Welcome to Freshies Skiing and Snowboarding academy, good students! This is SKI BUMS
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advice and information center, with a special focus on those of you who
are new to skiing and snowboarding. We've got lots of articles and info to come throughout
the season. Be sure to drop-in from time to time, and come learn something new!
Are skiing & snowboarding expensive?

It's true that skiing and boarding can be more expensive than many other sports, but they
definitely don't have to break the bank if you approach them in the right way...

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What clothing should I wear on the slopes?

Skiing and snowboarding are athletic activities; if you do them right, you’re going to sweat.
Many beginners think that heavy, warm clothes are what they’ll need. If you wear clothing that
isn’t well suited to winter sports, however, when you sweat, you'll stay wet, then get cold, and
be miserable. If you dress appropriately, you’ll have an awesome day outside, stay warm, and
fall in love with skiing and snowboarding! What makes the difference? Clothes that are wicking.

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What is the responsibility code, and how does it keep me safe?

All new skiers and boarders must learn about the skiing & snowboarding responsibility code.
This is a code of guidelines that is posted in lodges across the country; they’re here to keep
you safe on the slopes. It’s very important to learn and abide by these guidelines! These are
basic rules of safety and etiquette, and if you don’t abide by them, you could get hurt, or
hurt someone else.

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Teach me some lingo!

Here's a basic rundown of common skiing and snowboarding vocabulary. This isn't slang,
good Freshies academy students, this is
vocabulary. Although there are good places for words
sick, gnarly and jib, what follows are words that you'll hear 60-year old slope veterans
using on the chair lift, so don't fear that you're not
rad enough to use them. ;)

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