Are skiing & snowboarding expensive?

It's true that skiing and boarding can be more expensive than many other sports, but they
definitely don't have to break the bank if you approach them in the right way.  Most of the
expense of either skiing or boarding comes from three sources: first, there are travel related
expenses like transportation to the resort or — for longer trips — lodging once you're there;
second there are equipment expenses, like gear rentals or clothing purchases; and finally,
there are on-mountain expenses, like lift tickets and lessons.  These things may seem like a
lot, but one of the great advantages of skiing or boarding with a group like SKI BUMS is that
we regularly are able to get discount rates on all three of these things.

The biggest up-front expense for a beginner will most likely be the cost of equipment.  Buying
your own equipment can run from several hundred dollars to well over a thousand; if you're
a beginner, however, you'll probably want to rent equipment instead of buying it. Most ski
areas will rent equipment for the day for less than $40, while certain stores like
Princeton Ski
will rent gear for the entire season for about $200.

The other main expense that beginners will face right off is that of a lift ticket.  The lift ticket
will be your admission pass to the ski resort for the day; they can run anywhere from about
$45 to $75 depending on the destination.

Ultimately, the best way to save money on both rentals and lift tickets (not to mention
transportation to and from the resort) is to travel with a group. Most resorts give hefty
discounts to groups like ours, and SKI BUMS daytrips — which include bus transportation
there and back, lift ticket, and equipment rental — usually price out around $100.  You save
money AND you get to hang out with cool people all day.