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Please take note of the following SKI BUMS policies:
Our trips are exclusively for members who have signed up for them.
SKI BUMS trips are exclusively for our dues-paying members. We cannot allow non-members
to join us on a trip. There are two reasons for this:

1. Legal liability. Anyone who travels with us, stays in our lodging, or skis or snowboards
with us must have signed our legal liability waiver (below). There can be no exceptions.

2. Fairness. SKI BUMS staff and volunteers work very hard to plan our season. It's a
tremendous amount of work. Our members have paid for the privilege of enjoying these
trips. It's unfair to our membership (and our staff) to take advantage of a trip's organization
without contributing.

Any member who invites a non-member to join any element of a trip ("trip
crashing") is subject to having his or her membership revoked.
This includes the
official SKI BUMS social events during our overnight trips. If you would like to break away to
spend time with other friends, you may -- but if have a friend who would like to join
us, he or
she must  become a member and sign up for the trip.

In addition, members may not join a trip for which they have not signed up and
paid via SKI BUMS.
Doing so is unfair to the SKI BUMS staff and the trip's other participants.

I will not invite a non-member to "crash" a SKI BUMS trip:
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I will not "crash" a trip for which I have not officially signed up:
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SKI BUMS Bylaws and policies
All SKI BUMS members must agree to our bylaws, which include the following:

- SKI BUMS reserves the right to charge a 15% late fee for any late trip payments.
- We do not allow trip participants to arrange alternate lodging for our overnight trips.
- SKI BUMS social events and group trips do not allow the use of illegal drugs.

If you'd like to read our full bylaws,
click here.
Liability Waiver
I agree to abide by the bylaws and policies established and promulgated by Ski Bums
Club, LLC. I also agree to assume all risks associated with participation in events
sponsored by, publicized or in any way associated with Ski Bums Club, LLC.

Furthermore, I hereby release and hold harmless Ski Bums Club, LLC, its
shareholders, officers and employees from all claims, causes of action, liability or
damages of any kind involving, but not limited to, death, personal injury, property
damage or loss of personal property whether alleged or caused by acts or omissions
of Ski Bums Club, LLC, its shareholders, officers or employees.
In order to become a member of SKI BUMS and join us on a group trip, you
must agree to the terms contained in our liability waiver. If you agree to the
SKI BUMS liability waiver above, and the terms contained herein, enter your
initials in the box below.
Enter your initials:
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membership dues.
We invite you use our simple, secure Pay Pal system, where
you may pay with any major credit card or a debit card. If you prefer, you may also
mail in a check or money order.
Please click "Submit" to proceed to membership dues. If you get an "error page,"  
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