There are two ways to join us:

1) On the bus: our members are
invited to bring a
ny family or friends
on board with us. (They must be

21 years of age or older).

2) Drive to the mountain: Members
may invite family members of any age
to meet us at Mountain Creek (those
who do must purchase their own lift tickets /
rentals directly from Mountain Creek at the
resort, and SKI BUMS cannot offer a group
discount for those who drive). There is no
limit on how many family members you
may invite.

How to sign up:

If you're already a member, first pay for your
own trip by
clicking here. After you do, we will send  
you a special email with instructions on how to sign up
any family o
r friends to join us.

Then, outfit your family with our special Family Day t-shirts!
We've got fun slogans like "My son is a bum," "My daughter is a bum!" and more.
It's the perfect way for your family members to tell the world what a BUM you are!

Only available online: My son is a bum | My daughter is a bum | My brother is a bum | My sister is a bum
My cousin is a bum | My aunt is a bum | My uncle is a bum | My niece is a bum | My nephew is a bum | More...

As you can see, we're going to have a fun day. We hope you can join us!


Copyright 2006, SKI BUMS.
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If you were in SKI BUMS last year, chances
are good that you've told someone in your
family all about us. It seems as though most
of us did, leaving us with parents, siblings,
aunts, uncles and more who started saying,
"That sounds like fun! Can I come with you

That's why, in 2007, we've created the
chance for your family to experience the fun
for themselves, on our new daytrip:
This is a special day where you're
invited to bring family &
friends along for the
Many of us grew up skiing / snowboarding with our families. Some of us now have families of our own.
This unique trip is an empowering way to have a great time together, with family and friends, in an
atmosphere that celebrates who we are. Call up your brothers, sisters, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins (or
heck, even your grandparents) and tell them to join us for a day like none other
. Friends are welcome, too!

Special programs for kids: If you've got children, nieces, or nephews, this is a perfect day to bring them
out for fun in the snow. We're going to plan special activities just for the lil' tykes!

Exciting news: On the weekend of our visit, Mountain Creek will be hosting US Snowboard Grand Prix, as
some of America's top snowboarders compete live, broadcast on NBC!
Learn more...
Family Day at Mountain Creek, NJ

7:00 AM
8:00 PM
$85 with no equipment rental
$105 with ski or board rental

Visit for rates

8:30 AM
Saturday, February 3

Bus departure:
Return to NYC:
Price for those on the bus:

Prices for those who drive:

Meet-up time:
Q: Are family members who come on this trip required to become
members of SKI BUMS?

Yes, although their membership dues are waived if they are only taking this
particular trip. We will provide membership forms and our liability waiver for all
family members to complete and sign on the bus, and at our morning meet-up at the

Q: Is this the only trip where family members are welcome?

Of course not! SKI BUMS welcomes the entire GLBT community, and their family
and friends. If you're a family member of a SKI BUMS member and you'd like to
take additional trips, however, we'll ask you to please become a

Q: I don't have any family members who are able to take this trip. May I
still come?

YES! We want you to help us show these family members a great time! We're
going to have a blast, and you should definitely come! This trip promises to be one
of the highlights of the year; you won't want to miss it.
Outfit the family with our
special Family Day t-shirts!
Available in black,
green and navy.
Only $19.99!
Sign up for Family Day at Mountain Creek