SKI BUMS sponsors social events in New York City and group trips to ski resorts around the
country. Although we began just one year ago, we've got over 600 GLBT skiers and
snowboarders, and more are finding us every day! Want to
learn more about us? Be sure to sign
up for our
mailing list, and learn how to become a member. It's easy!

We're glad you're here --
You're invited to meet NYC's coolest GLBT
skiers and snowboarders at our fantastic
semi-monthly party, Avalanche! Join us on
Thursday,  March 10th from 8 P.M. until 11
P.M. at XES Lounge.
Click here to learn more,
and to view pictures of our last Avalanche!
We plan a full winter season of planned trips:
daytrips, weekend excursions, and major
trips out west. All skill levels are welcome
from total beginners to seasoned experts. To
read about our trips from this season, view
our photo albums, and get a sneak peak of
next year's trips,
click here!
Hello, OutBoarders! If
you live in or near NYC
and you're heading to
OutBoard this year, we
want to meet you. Email
to meet others who are
Never been skiing or
snowboarding, but
want to learn?
Click here for helpful
tips for newbies!
Copyright 2005, SKI BUMS.

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