Our daytrips are the heart of what makes SKI BUMS so much fun.

Talk to anyone who's been on one of our daytrips, and you'll hear the same things. "Soooo much fun." "My favorite thing about the winter." "I met more cool people in one day than I had met all year."

When we say that the daytrips are all about bonding, we mean it.

We’ve been hosting daytrips since 2005. In 2017, we’re thrilled to launch our first daytrips from the Bay Area. With one of the best Lake Tahoe winters in many years, we’re feeling like we truly lucked out! Conditions are epic.

Whether you're learning to ski or you eat black diamonds for breakfast, the SKI BUMS daytrips are an incredible way to get plugged in and make a whole bunch of new friends. Everyone's welcome -- so join us!

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Private charter bus from the Castro
Recommended for all skill levels
$165 per person
We reserve the right to cancel, reschedule, or make changes in the trip itinerary as a result of weather or safety considerations or as otherwise deemed necessary or advisable. If your trip is cancelled due to weather, snow, or mountain conditions, or circumstances beyond our control, you may choose to receive a refund or full credit for a future trip. All trip credits may be applied to any trip in the SKI BUMS future. There is no expiration date. In the event of a serious weather event that hinders safe travel by bus, we provide rescheduled dates and will refund anyone who cannot attend on our rescheduled date.

SKI BUMS is not responsible for the cost of any additional expenses that you may incur as a result of trip rescheduling or cancellation.

To use a credit for a future deposit or payment, please
contact us directly.
Up to 7 days before your trip, you may cancel your spot at any time and receive a full refund.

If you cancel 3 to 7 days before the trip: you are no longer eligible for a refund. You may, however, apply the full cost of your daytrip toward any other trip on the 2017 SKI BUMS calendar.

Within 3 days of our trip, there is no refund for any cancellations. SKI BUMS recommends travel insurance for those who must cancel for work or illness reasons.

You may not ‘transfer’ your reservation from one daytrip to another — the dates and fees above still apply, even if you plan to sign up for a different daytrip after canceling from your current one.

In order to obtain our bulk group discounts, we must agree to a very strict cancellation policy. It's the nature of group travel. Think of your SKI BUMS booking as you would an airline reservation; even if there is a wait list and we find someone to take your place, the cancellation fees still apply.

If you buy travel insurance, you can still receive a refund for a cancelled SKI BUMS trip.

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After a daytrip sells out, any registered SKI BUMS member may add his or her name to our wait list, up until 7 days before the trip. There is no obligation if you add your name to the wait list.

6 days before the trip (the Sunday before a Saturday trip), we will text message all those who have signed up for the wait list with a special access code to sign up for the daytrip.

At that point, all the open spots will be available to all those on our wait list. Anyone who's on our list may then sign up to claim one of the spots on a first-come, first-served basis, until the trip is full.

In other words, if you sign up for a wait list, you
will have another chance to sign up for the trip.
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$165 USD per person

-- additional options --

$55 USD to add equipment rental

$60 USD to add a group lesson
You may pay with any major credit card, cash or check.

We use PayPal to process online credit card payments. PayPal is the internet's most trusted online payment portal, and you do not need to be a PayPal member to submit a payment.

If you would ever like to use PayPal to send a manual payment (from a smartphone, for example), our account address is: payments (at) ski-bums.org.

PayPal mobile apps: iPhone / iPad / iPod TouchAndroid

Your trip includes an adult full-day lift ticket, which is essentially your "admission ticket" to the ski resort. If you have an Epic pass or season pass and don’t need a lift ticket, you can indicate this at signup and save $65.
SKI BUMS designs our season for all levels of skiers and snowboarders, but we make specific recommendations for each trip. On ALL SKI BUMS trips, we begin by dividing into skill level groups so you can identify those who enjoy the same terrain that you do.

See how our groups work >

We recommend daytrips for ALL levels of skiers and riders.

The slopes at Kirkwood are excellent for everybody — whether your’e brand new to skiing & riding or you’re a cliff-hucking expert, you’ll find a lot of terrain here to inspire and excite you.

BEGINNERS: are you learning to ski or snowboard? We’re thrilled to invite you to join us! our daytrips are the perfect place to begin skiing or snowboarding. We’ve got special tips, cool insights and more which we’ll send you to help you prepare for the trip and know what to expect. Please click here to learn more.
Lake Tahoe is enjoying one of its greatest winter seasons in many years, and Kirkwood resort is one of our favorite destinations here. One of the nearest South Lake Tahoe ski resorts, Kirkwood is famous for getting extra inches of snow when any storm blows through.

The redwood forests undulate through terrain that’s suitable for skiers and boarders of all skill levels. The beginner areas here are expansive and fun, but intermediates and experts are extra happy here. Prepare to be wowed by the views — this is everything you want in a first-class resort.

Learn more about Kirkwood >
SKI BUMS anticipates what you'll need to know, and when you'll need to know it. We email valuable pre-trip information to all our participants, which we call Info Packs. You'll need to receive them and read them closely, so it's crucial that you've provided an email address to us that you check regularly. Gmail users: you need to take extra steps to see our emails.

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The vast majority of our important trip info is located right here on this page.
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Who's coming on the trip? Find out by joining our Facebook Group for the SF daytrips.

Whether you're simply curious about signing up or you're already on board, everyone's welcome to join our Facebook group. Feel free to invite friends, too -- it's a cool way to begin learning names of the skiers and boarders who you'll meet in the mountains!

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Of course, weather is impossible to predict, but SKI BUMS plans our trips with an eye on weather history. Snowfall in the Lake Tahoe resorts is most reliable from late December through late March. Thankfully, these resorts are enjoying some of the best conditions they’ve seen in years, with more snow than any other ski region in North America.
4:15 AM sharp* is our check-in time. You'll meet our trip leaders at our bus pick up spot in the Castro on 16th and Market. We will email and text message all our participants with the exact meeting location a few days before the trip.
WE LEAVE ON TIME, at 4:30 AM sharp*. If you are running late, do not call or message us asking to hold the bus for you. We leave on time. There are no refunds if you miss the bus.
Our daytrips have a minimum of 20 participants and a maximum of 55 participants. If we fail to meet our minimum number of registered participants by 14 days before the trip, the trip may be cancelled. In that event, those who have signed up for the trip will receive a full refund.
+ Private charter bus transportation from / to San Francisco
+ Adult lift ticket for the resort
+ Breakfast
+ Après-ski bus party home
+ SKI BUMS professional trip leaders

+ Lunch, drinks, snacks
+ Ski and snowboard equipment rental (optional add on)
+ Ski / snowboard lessons (optional add on)
Upon arrival at the mountain, we trade names and phone numbers with the others in your skill level group, so you can enjoy the day with others who enjoy the same kind of terrain -- at the same pace -- that you do. This is a huge part of what makes SKI BUMS so fun. Learn more >
Most BUMS wear their skiing / snowboarding clothes on the way up, but you may want to bring a change of clothes for the end of the day. Additionally, bring money for lunch (or a sack lunch), and food & drinks for the bus party home.

Party planning: think picnic foods. Our party happens during dinnertime, so folks are craving protein. We're always looking for a good mix of savory and sweet items. Pre-mixed cocktails, micro-brews and light beers are popular. Have fun and get ready to impress the BUMS with your culinary marvels!
Be sure to get a good night's sleep the night before our trip! Skiing and snowboarding are day-long endurance sports; being tired can increase your risk of injury. Seriously, make sure you’ve gotten a good night’s sleep before a very early alarm clock. Thankfully, we dim the lights for the drive up to the mountain so you can also take an extra nap on the way there.
We return to San Francisco at 9 PM, depending on traffic.
Space is limited, and our daytrips sell out.

Signing up is simple. You'll simply provide your information, then proceed to payment. For daytrips, we ask each individual to personally sign up; if you're a duo, please submit a separate signup form for each participant. After we've received your signup & payment, you'll receive anconfirmation via email that you're registered for the trip.

GMAIL users: please be sure to check your Promotions Tab for our emails, and learn how to adjust Gmail's filters >

any SKI BUMS registered member may add his or her name; there’s no obligation. Click here to learn more about our Wait Lists.
No matter what your skill level -- from beginner to expert -- we encourage participants to take lessons, especially on daytrips, where we get great discounted rates. And — bonus — you’ll be able to skip the lift lines during your lesson.

To qualify for our discounted lesson rate — $60 — you must prepay for your lesson at least 48 hours before the trip. You may add a lesson during sign up. To add a lesson after you’ve already signed up,
use this form.
It's crucial that you've got proper attire for skiing and snowboarding. Learn about five must-have items: ski pants; gloves; goggles; jacket; and a helmet -- in addition to other advice on our informative guide: How to Dress for the Slopes. You can rent a helmet at the mountain, but you'll need to purchase the other items before the daytrip.

SKI BUMS members get amazing deals -- up to 50% off -- at Backcountry.com. Sign up or renew your free SKI BUMS membership now to get our discount code.
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Tell your friends about our adventure in the mountains!
We've got lots of inside advice for those who are taking their first SKI BUMS trip. Click here >
After meeting your skill level group, the BUMS head into the rental shops to pick up their gear while those who own equipment will gear up in the lodge. You'll re-connect with your group after everyone's bundled up, geared up and ready to go.
We meet up as a big group for lunch, then finish the day at après-ski, the traditional toast to the end of a fun day on the mountain. But that's not where the fun ends...
One of the undeniable highlights of our day is the bus party home, when everyone shares cocktails, beer and homemade goodies. We crank up the music and rock out on our way home!
About half of our participants rent skis or snowboards; the others bring their own equipment. If you own gear, you’ll be able to transport it during our ride in the cargo area below the bus.

For those who rent gear, our discounted group rental packages include either a) skis, boots and poles or b) a snowboard and boots. Helmets are included with all rental packages. You may
not rent clothing, gloves, goggles, jackets or pants. You must arrive at check-in with proper skiing / snowboarding attire. Be sure to see “Attire” below for crucial tips and advice.

If you own some equipment — i.e. you own boots but just want to rent skis, or you only need to rent a helmet — you will pay the rental shop directly after we arrive at the resort.
SKI BUMS arranges our own private charter buses to and from the mountain. You’ll be free to store the food & drinks that you bring for our bus party in the bus storage areas during the day, but you will not have access to get back into the bus until after we finish aprés-ski at the mountain. Bring any changes of clothing into the lodge with you.

SKI BUMS does not offer additional bus stops beyond the Castro.
If you would like to drive and meet us at the mountain, you may — but you must still sign up for the daytrip online, 24 hours in advance. Click here to complete the daytrip driver signup form.
Skiing and snowboarding are all about having fun, but it can be miserable if you’re not adequately prepared. Thankfully, we’ve got lots of helpful tips and advice to help you develop a passion for the incredible excitement that’s awaiting you in the mountains!

It takes about
three days to learn to ski or snowboard. The first two days are usually slow-going, and then on the third day — for nearly everyone — an epiphany happens. Suddenly, everything makes sense. If you’re new, please give yourself at least three days to practice and learn the sport.

It’s crucial that you spend your first few days in
lessons with certified instructors. Our daytrips benefit from very affordable group lessons, and at our very first daytrip, lessons are free.

You absolutely must wear skiing and snowboarding clothing when you’re in the mountains.
Read this article >

If you’d prefer not to splurge on the purchase of skiing / boarding outfits, you can also
rent an outfit online.

When you sign up as a beginner, we email you additional helpful tips and insights. And, you can always ask questions of your fellow BUMS on our nifty Facebook group! We’re happy to help you get prepared… for fun!
If SKI BUMS is forced to postpone a trip due to poor conditions on the mountain or unsafe driving conditions, all participants have the option to accept the new date or receive a full refund.
Saturday, February 4 to Kirkwood Resort, California
We may add additional daytrips as weather permits.
Upon arrival at the mountain, we trade names and phone numbers with the others in your skill level group, so you can enjoy the day with others who enjoy the same kind of terrain -- at the same pace -- that you do. This is a huge part of what makes SKI BUMS so fun. Learn more >