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There are 28 SKI BUMS heading to Chile with us, and we know we've got all sorts of friends and family back home who might enjoy seeing what we're up to. That's why we've created this page!

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To help the BUMS have fun and find their way around, we create an interactive Google map with suggestions on restaurants, museums, tourist attractions and airport directions. If you've got GPS on your phone, it comes in really handy.

Santiago is one of the few major world cities that's within a short drive to multiple major ski resorts. Nestled at the foot of the Andes, the distance of the city to the slopes is similar to Salt Lake City, Utah. The major difference: the roads. A switchbacked two-lane road is the only way to get to Valle Nevado, and traffic is so heavy on weekends that they create specific rules about when you go up or down.
It isn't just that we love skiing all year round; we know that some BUMS
can only score good vacation time in the summer months.
Thankfully, a trip to South America rewards you with more than just snow-capped spectacle. We also include the kind of cool cultural experiences that make a trip truly memorable.

In 2008, SKI BUMS journeyed to
Buenos Aires and Bariloche, and we're itching to go back. We're looking toward 2011 with an eye on a return to the gorgeous Catedral at Bariloche, along with its steeper and snowier arch-rival (and sister resort to Vail, CO), Las Leñas. Some days we get a little loopy and start dreaming of New Zealand.

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Late August and Early September are beautiful times of year in the Andes. We'll be spending five nights at Ski Portillo, and seven nights at Valle Nevado. Click their logos to view their websites and get more information.