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We've been dreaming about this for years.

This January, SKI BUMS is excited to make history when we host America's very first all-girl LGBT ski weekend. After seventy-five women joined SKI BUMS for our 2009 season -- and fifty of them joined our successful all-girls daytrip -- we knew the time was ripe. For Girl Powder 2010, we've booked the entire property at a gay-owned, super mod, ultra-hip hotel. We've lined up private parties at a lesbian-owned lounge & restaurant nearby. And, we've set you up for two days of skiing and riding -- with a complimentary lesson -- at beautiful Belleayre Mountain.

It all adds up to an unmissable weekend in the Catskills that's guaranteed to become an unforgettable bonding experience.


One of the great things about SKI BUMS trips is the flexibility within our itinerary. We schedule social events, meet-ups, après ski afternoons and group dinner reservations, but you're always free to break away from the group and do your own thing if you like.

Itinerary overview

Friday, January 29

  • Travel day: Participants will travel to Belleayre by carpool and optional shared vans. We'll recommend being at our hotel for check-in by 8:30 PM.
  • Evening: meet & greet cocktail reception at the Public Lounge, our social hub for the weekend. We'll get started around 9:00 PM.

Saturday, January 30

  • Early morning skill level grouping / meet up on the mountain to catch the lifts
  • Lunch and Après-ski meet ups
  • Group private dinner and after party (with food provided) at the Public Lounge. We've got the place to ourselves tonight!

Sunday, January 31

  • Morning meet up to ski and ride at Belleayre
  • Lunch and Après-ski meet ups
  • Reconnect / say goodbyes, then head home

*this itinerary is just an outline and is subject to change; our participants will receive a detailed itinerary at check-in.



The best part about Belleayre -- other than its proximity -- is that it's one of those great local hills that finds ways to surprise you. Beginner and intermediate skiers and snowboarders are always extra giddy at Belleayre, just because there are so many trails right up their alley, but Belleayre's got some nifty tricks up its sleeve. Steep, bank turns and well-maintained mogul fields serve up ample challenge for the black diamond set. No matter what your skill level, you'll find more than enough to enjoy for a full day on the mountain. And, Belleayre offers a complimentary group lesson, which gives you a great opportunity to sharpen your skills. Add in a great group of BUMS, and it's the perfect recipe for a fun-filled getaway mountain.





We first got word of The Roxbury Motel a few years ago, when they signed on as a sponsor for one of our very first charity events. We thought it was great to hear that the Catskills had a gay-owned hotel, but we had no idea that in a few short years, they'd be transforming their property into one of the most mod, hip hotels you'll find anywhere outside the city. In that time, The Roxbury has been featured on The Today Show, and it was recently named one of National Geographic's top hotels of 2009. For the owners, it's clearly a labor of love; they've renovated each room with its own unique style and decor.


Rooming arrangements

Because each room setup at the Roxbury Motel is unique, we wanted to offer the greatest amount of flexibility for those who might like to room with a friend, partner, or group of friends. The rooms at the Roxbury feature a variety of bedding setups; we'll be assigning rooms on a first-come, first-seved basis, based on the preferences you indicate during sign up. A few things to note:

  • Each participant will have her own bed, unless you specifically request to share King or Queen size bed with another participant.
  • To keep things both simple and flexible, all pricing is the same price per person, regardless of the room type that you select. Although there is some variety in the size of each room, each unit is tastefully and beautifully decorated. Setting one uniform price for everyone is the only way to make the planning feasible for a unique property like this.
  • When signing up, you may list your preferences and name any roommate(s) that you'd like to share a room with you, but please understand that rooms will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.



All Girl Powder participants have access to the lovely Shimmer Spa at the Roxbury, a mini-spa that features a hot tub / whirlpool, Finnish sauna, and massage treatment area. The spa asks for $20 per guest to enter, which will give you access throughout the full length of our stay.

View the list of massage treatments >


We can't tell who's more excited about our Saturday night private party and dinner at Public Lounge --the SKI BUMS trip organizers or the Public Lounge owners. It isn't every day that this lesbian-owned lounge and restaurant gets overtaken by women, and we're setting up a fun-filled weekend at this mod night spot just across the street from our hotel.

During the weekend, meals are up to you -- except for Saturday night's dinner, which is included in the price of the trip. We'll have an assortment of casual, fun fare from the Public Lounge's menu (have a look).


Talk to anyone who's been on a SKI BUMS trip and they'll tell you that the singular best reason to join a trip with us is simple: the people you'll meet. SKI BUMS attracts a fun-loving group of outdoorsy, laid-back, friendly and outgoing people who are chill and out, and SKI BUMS designs our trips to make it extra easy for you to get to know them.

SkillLevelGroupingsGirlPowderACCEach trip begins with a hosted skill level grouping, to help you meet the other skiers and riders who enjoy the same type of terrain that you do. We know that a day on the hill is usually more fun when you're not feeling pushed beyond your comfort level, or being held back by others who aren't keeping up. So whether you're simply hoping to make it down a trail without a yard sale, or you're on the hunt for hidden powder in the trees, SKI BUMS begins by helping you connect with those who want to get down the mountain the same way you do.

LunchApresGirlPowderACCDaily lunches are an easy chance to reconnect with the whole group, trade stories on what you're finding on the mountain, and mix it up. SKI BUMS announces an official spot for lunch each day; you'll find the trip leaders on hand to answer questions or help with anything you might need. At the end of the day, the BUMS regroup for drinks and fun at the base of the mountain, for the daily tradition known as après-ski.

SocialEventReconnectGirlPowderACCYou'll finish the trip with a whole group of new friends, but this trip won't be the last time you see them. Reconnect with the other BUMS from your trip at our cool social events like Avalanche, Pow Wow and our new house parties, and stay in touch through our Facebook page.


SKI BUMS makes pricing and payments easy; you can pay with any major credit card, cash or check. New for 2010, you may sign up for most of our trips for a deposit of just $99 per person!


Space is limited.

SKI BUMS restricts the number of our participants for all our trips. In the event that this trip sells out, SKI BUMS members may add their name to our Wait List, but we cannot guarantee that wait list spots will become available.

You are not confirmed for this trip until you have provided your information and submitted your deposit. You must be a current SKI BUMS member to join any portion of a SKI BUMS trip.

Tell me about SKI BUMS membership >

Signing up: provide your info and deposit:

  • First, click here to provide your information. After you've submitted your sign up form, you'll be directed to our payment page for your $99 deposit; we use PayPal, the internet's most trusted payment system. You do not need a PayPal account to make a payment, and if you prefer, you can pay with cash or a check.
Balance due December 17th:Optional add ons:
  • Single occupancy: We have a limited number of single occupancy spots available for this trip for a supplemental charge; for pricing and availability, please contact us directly.

  • Equipment rental: Ski and snowboard rental is not included in the price of this trip. During sign up, you may add a two-day equipment rental for $50 per person. You may go back to add equipment rental up until January 21.
  • Instruction: Those who are participating in one of our skill programs will have the opportunity to take an advanced lesson during the course of our trip; we'll be arranging instructors and pricing with those who have enrolled in the program.

Cancellation policy

  • Before December 1, 2009: $25 cancellation fee. From December 2 - December 17: $60 fee. From December 18 - January 14, $400 fee. After January 15: no refund. SKI BUMS very strongly recommends the purchase of travel insurance to guard against unforeseen cancellations.

    Get a travel insurance quote >


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many people participate in each SKI BUMS trip?

    A: Our Western and International trips have between 30 and 45 participants, depending on the destination. SKI BUMS limits the size of each trip to keep things fun, and to help cultivate a real sense that you're part of a great group of new friends -- not part of a crowd. For Girl Powder, we have enough space to accommodate about 35 participants.

Q: Do I need to have a roommate lined up before I sign up for this trip?

    A: Not at all; about half of our trip participants sign up without a roommate in mind. You can tell us about your roommate preferences during sign up, and we'll be happy to provide a roommate for you.

Q: What if something happens, and I need to cancel my spot on the trip?

    A: See the "pricing" tab for the full cancellation policy. SKI BUMS highly recommends the purchase of travel insurance to assist you in case you need to cancel your booking.

Q: What if I'd like to purchase this trip without lift tickets... can I do that?

    A: SKI BUMS is happy to set up a custom trip for you; simply contact us to tell us what you'd like to do.

Q: Can you accommodate those with special dietary needs?

    A: Sure thing. If you're a vegetarian / vegan, you keep Kosher, or you have any other special dietary needs, just tell us on the sign up page. We'll make sure our evening dinners are specially prepared for you.

Have a question that wasn't answered here? See additional Q & A's on our informative FAQ page >


Here's all the key information for our transportation plan for the weekend.



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